E-government in Kazakhstan: challenges for a transitional country

Analysis of the implementation of e-government policy. Review of the positive signs of the development of e-government, and the examples of e-government projects. Identification of problems facing Kazakhstan in the implementation of e-government policy.

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  • Components of the decentralization process. The need to balance the centralization and decentralization of powers of government, the use of different types and forms of decentralization, taking into account the unique features and different conditions.

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  • Corporate philanthropy development in Russia. Her government regulation. The political environment for it. Activity of the Potanin’s and Timchenko’s funds. The impact of cultural philanthropy on the regional level. The case of Perm state art gallery.

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  • Theoretical fundamentals of design and non-design processes in the development of policy spaces. Policy development and Non-design, a comparison of the Russian and European legal education. Description of legal education to policy restrictions in Russia.

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  • Возникновение необходимости в сотрудничестве бизнес-структур с органами государственной власти. Изучение роли Government Relations в процессе принятия политических решений в России. Расширение законодательной и административной активности правительства.

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  • Description of the political system of Finland. Political culture. Voting and elections. Political parties, parliament (Eduscunta), government, president. The provisions of the deputy associations in Eduskint during the period from 1983 to 2014.

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  • The entry of Jorg Haider’s Freedom Party into a coalition government in Austria. The negative common denominator of the entire established political spectrum. A bi-polar system as the consensual form of politics in our time. The Postmodern politics.

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  • Analysis of the common European foreign policy: who first? The treacheries of a European identity. Historical roots of a political profile. The reasons of the rejection from Eurocentrism that inspiring of the Kantian hope for a global domestic policy.

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  • Исследование концепции управления (governance). Выявление сходств и различий с концепцией "нового государственного управления" (New public management) и концепцией государственного управления (government) в области управления природными ресурсами.

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  • The most widespread electoral systems in the world and their application possibilities in Azerbaijan were analyzed. The most democratic way of organizing the the state power and local government authorities. The election system of Azerbaijan were studied.

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  • Determination of value of political idea and cultural context is in a political theory. Research of maintenance of theory of John Locke the "State of nature" as a starting point at the end of civil government. Logical construction of the state of nature.

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