Problems of financial providing of the private business activity in the years of new economic policy (1921-1926)

The financial of the private business activity in the years of new economic policy. Involvement of private capital in the economy of the country is revealed on the basis of analysis of its participating in passives and assets of the credit system.

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  • Characteristics of the regional characteristics of agriculture in Lviv. Analysis of the financial and economic performance of business structures. Evaluating the effectiveness of private farms, preparation of a complex of measures for their development.

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  • The business activity of the enterprise as the most important factor that determines its financial sustainability. Its impact on economic sustainability, compliance with the pace of development, execution of production, expansion of sales market.

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  • Ukraine on the world demographic map. Examination of the average wage in the country. Analysis of the dynamics of population. The impact of the demographic situation in the economy. Creating opportunities for business growth and economic activity.

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  • Attraction of financial investments as a basic goal of most economic organizations in the world. Their impact on business, increasing economic efficiency and competitiveness. Integration of scientific technologies in all spheres of economic activities.

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  • Methodology of business activity indices. General structure of business activity indices. Relationship of the PMI with economic variables. Application of the PMI for forecasting and critique method of the PMI. Review of the papers regarding the BCI.

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  • The problems of formation of revenues of local budgets. The reduction of financial independence of local selfgovernment bodies. The advantages of project financing of economic development of territories in the framework of public-private partnership.

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  • Measuring, managing economic activity not only in the private, but also in the public sector. Methodology for assessing the performance of a municipal company, taking into account the specifics of enterprises that provide public services to the public.

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  • Peculiarities of the american small business, general characteristics. American economy as a free enterprise system, which allows private business the freedom to operate for profit with minimum government interference and regulation, analysis functions.

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  • A vital topic of contemporary relations between business and government - public-private partnerships in the system of public discourse. The concept and models of foreign public-private partnerships, social investments and corporate citizenship.

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  • The characteristic of market and capitalist economic systems and their essential features: private property, freedom of choice and entrepreneurship, personal interests as motive, competition, dependence on the price system and limited government role.

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