Features of tax system of Japan

Features of the tax system in Japan, its main differences from the United States, European countries. Description of the main taxes and fees. Classifying them according to various criteria. Direct taxes on income of physical persons and legal entities.

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  • The main problem of the use of the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan's economy. Tax system change taking into account the priority natural oil and gas rents. The necessity of improving the system of taxes and payments for the use of oil and gas resources.

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  • Discussing the process of the introduction in Ukraine of the tax on the income from fees for the use of funds involved in the deposit. Reforming of legislation to improve the mechanism of the tax on the income from fees for the use in the deposit.

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  • The mechanism for calculating and collecting property taxes. Place of real estate taxes in the structure of local budget revenues. Value of property taxes to form a revenue part of local budgets. Eliminating major disadvantages of property taxes.

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  • Studying tax reforms and their influence on economy of the republic of Uzbekistan. Main features of tax system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The role of international organizations is crucial in improving the qualifications of the tax authorities.

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  • The nature of taxes and the analysis of transaction costs associated with the interaction of business and government in the tax area. The connection between payment of taxes and economic indicators. The developing a congruent and efficient tax system.

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  • Characterization of the behavior of the board in respect of income which is a key issue to each shareholder. Analysis of management on the main features: quality earnings and revenues, income instability, discretionary charges and cases of fraud.

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  • Development and formation of indirect taxation in Ukraine as a whole and widespread form among universal excises. The role of indirect taxes in the tax system, direction of adaptation of domestic practice of indirect taxation to the European experience.

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  • Providing state taxes, financing the production of public goods and redistribution of income. Dependence of the real economic growth and the level of taxation according to the undivided sample of 117 countries. The composition of the tax populations.

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  • The essence of banking. Characteristics of banks and the banking system of England. Establishing a bank account. The use of cash checks. Key features and stability of the banking system of the Russian Federation. Structuring of the banking system.

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  • Ukranian experience in conducting a tax audit: legal basis. Problems related to tax audit of foreign countries. Tax interaction between taxpayers, tax authorities and business entities when conducting a tax audit. Implementation of the e-audit system.

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