A review of approaches to understanding corporate crisis

Following outline of crisis definitions by the crisis management field researchers, reasoning regarding the essence of crises, their impact on enterprises are presented. Conclusions are made regarding the further organizational crisis concept research.

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  • Analysis of existing theories of crisis management. Effective practical tools to prevent crises. Timely prevention of negative public perception of the company. Social responsibility of business and the state. Features of communication in times of crisis.

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  • Operation of business and factors of a crisis condition of the organization. Personnel selection essence consists in work with the personnel according to the concept of development of the enterprise. Management of the personnel of the crisis enterprise.

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  • The status of crisis management in a comprehensive management system organizational unit. Principles to solve critical situations, system of response management to critical situations. The contents of operational crisis plan of the selected municipality.

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  • The crisis, except the sad moments, opens sluices for management system reorganization, for its development. Internal engineering of business processes, strategy and competitive struggle. Some theses, assumptions and hypotheses, assortment audition.

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  • Exploring of the theoretical relationship, independent and joint effect of leverage, institutes and overall corporate governance on company’s performance during the global crisis. Construction of the model, which quantitatively estimates the effect.

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  • Investigation of the mutual influence of the anti-crisis strategy and the internal specificity of the enterprise in the process of its withdrawal from the crisis. Strategic changes and organizational factors. Reorientation of the product/market.

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  • Organisation crisis: its kinds, phases and consequences. The factors influencing occurrence of crises. Bankruptcy of the organisation: its kinds, the purpose and consequences. Analysis of indicators of productivity, performance and return on assets.

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  • Investigation of the role of human resources in a global crisis. The study of the main factors affecting the motivation of staff. An analysis of the reason for the lack of employee satisfaction. Creation of an opportunity for training and promotion.

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  • Corporate governance under uncertainty. The impact of the Board structure on the performance. Measuring corporate governance. Correlation matrix of corporate governance. Sales growth rate model. Alleged incidents of stealing in the Asian financial crisis.

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  • Analysis of definitions of migration and its typologies, causes, motives and push-pull model. Study of migration crisis and current situation in Germany. Historical dimension of the German migration policy during 1945-2016 and its recent changes.

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