A Comparison of Different Multi-object Auctions

A study of the cost increase of competitors in the winning units at the time of trading. Estimate their allocative efficiency and preferences. A description of the types of auction: in the form of rising price - watch, combinatorial and Vickrey auction.

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  • The study of the notion of a fixed cash income. The definition of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the interest rate. Description of notions about the bonds and pricing. The study of LIBOR forward rates on the modern money market.

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  • Levels of the pyramid, in which each new level is based on the following and, indeed, is important if the next level is put into effect. A feedback loop for our system/methodology, which also affects the level of discipline and all other levels.

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  • Decisions relating to working capital involve managing relationships between a firm’s short-term assets and liabilities to ensure is able to continue its operations. Research results from compared costs and returns. Increasing corporate profitability.

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  • The establishment of financial associations for the assisting, regulating and controlling of buying in the securities. Broker and jobber in the market. Definition of stock exchange. Forecasting price changes of securities. The role of stock market.

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  • Description of distinctions between indemnification and payment is in the USA. Application of this question is in Opened Society "Transsibneft". Governed about social benefits and indemnifications of workers and pensionaries. Estimation of prospects.

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  • Ways to improve stock volatility prediction with prediction of size and density of price jumps for some stocks. Finding of several models those predicted jumps better than historical mean. The best parameter for jump quantity prediction is term spread.

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  • Analysis of the status quo of the responses of the central bank of Sweden - Riksbank. A study of the zero interest rate. The decision-making process, description and results of main researches. Data collection and construction the model specification.

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  • Major characteristics and the current state of Russian mortgage system. Empirical estimation of influence of particular factors on affordability in Russia. The effect of changes in housing price and changes in salary effect on housing affordability.

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  • The comparison of the European banking system and the current financial sector in Russia as it is regulated by laws and by government acts and decisions. Studying the activity of the "Incombank" in Chelyabinsk. Specific and nonspecific bank services.

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  • The main goals of creating Exim banks, studying their marketing strategies. Directions of development of marketing strategy of banks for achievement of stability of their activity and development and employment improvement due to increase in export.

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