Violence and "Counter-Violence". On Correct Rejection. A Sketch of a Possible Russian Ethics of War Considered through the Understanding of Violence in Tolstoy and in Petar II Petrovic Njegos

The intention is to construct a possible minimal response to violence, to describe what would be justified counter-violence. This argument is built on reviving several important philosophical texts in Russian of the first half of the twentieth century.

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  • The corpus of texts by Russian philosophers of the 19th - first half of the 20th centuries is analyzed. The research was carried out using the methods of historical and philosophical reconstruction and comparative analysis in the cognitive process.

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  • Criticism of power in the works of Derrida. Exposing them to violence and illegality of institutions. Provision of antagonisms within Western philosophy. The outside of ethical responsibility. Law, justice and authority. The politics of emancipation.

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  • Analysis of problem approach to understanding a human being. Possibility of a procedural understanding of the objectness of philosophical knowledge. Metaphysics, as an object of criticism of the Russian positivists. System of non-metaphysical all-unity.

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  • Research and analysis such basic methods for Russian philosophical culture as phenomenological and existential. The study and characteristic of the deep methodological phenomena of Russian religious thought presupposes further development of religious.

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  • Philosophical concepts of the main domestic symbolists of the Silver Age. The fate of Russian society, a person's place in the world. Cultural values, social aspects of religion and creativity. The aesthetic understanding of sociocultural reality.

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  • In the year of the 200th anniversary of F. Dostoevsky to consider his place in the Russian religious and philosophical tradition, to analyze the distinctive features of his philosophical views and influence on the formation of the neo-Christian tradition.

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  • Consideration of the history of origin and development of the "Russian cosmism" philosophy and its impact on the Russian philosophical thought and literature. The demonstration of community and comprehensive ideas of community in the views of Fyodorov.

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  • Analysis of the role and place of faith in the concept of the creator of the first Russian philosophical system V.S. Solovyov. Features of determining the methodological meaning of faith in the understanding of Solovyov as a special factor of cognition.

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  • Contemporary discourse concerning the examination of history of Russian philosophy. Issues of intellectual doubles in context of the Russian Narodism, problematization of this phenomenon on the basis of examination the N. Mikhailovsky’s creative legacy.

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  • Philosophical understanding of the problem of human choice, consideration of the impact of human actions and thoughts on his whole life. The future of the reader's belief is that everyone should think about the correct alignment of priorities in life.

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