Banking services in Russia: theory and fact

Restrictions of bank operations for the private sector, extension for the companies. An assessment of activity of the Russian banks in practice: theory and reality. Bank regulatory rules. Operations of placement of money of clients in bank on the deposit.

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  • The significance of credit operations of commercial banks. The level of confidence in the national currency of Ukraine, the dynamics of the basic indicators of activity of banks. The structure of the deposit portfolio of non-financial corporations.

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  • Analyzing of the characteristics of the formation and development of the currency operations of the bank activity of EU, USA and Asian region. The role of the banking system as an organ of currency control, as an intermediary of currency transactions.

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  • Theoretical principles and practical advice on the formation of reserves on active operations of banks, compensate for possible losses on credit operations. The differences between the National Bank Regulations providing for active transactions.

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  • The comparison of the European banking system and the current financial sector in Russia as it is regulated by laws and by government acts and decisions. Studying the activity of the "Incombank" in Chelyabinsk. Specific and nonspecific bank services.

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  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Central banks play an important role as guarantors of the monetary system. Foreign Exchange Operations. Open market operations. Securities Lending. Processing at Federal Reserve Bank Regional Offices.

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  • Banking services and the banking system in England and Russia. The banking system is one of the most important instruments of the economy. Establishing a bank account. Structure of banking system. The responsibilities of the central bank in the UK.

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  • Economic concepts in banking sector. Equilibrium in money market. Interest rate and it’s role in economy. The use of strategy Deposit multiplier. Methods to determine the ratio between reserves and deposits. The effects of changes in interest rates.

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  • Theoretical basis of formation and management of second tier banks’ resources. The concept, structure and management of the bank’s capital. Essence, classification and role of deposits. Bonds and syndicated loans as the main sources of non-deposit funds.

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  • Development of a risk assessment methodology in the context of information uncertainty. Application of methods for determining the level of risk of the bank in the lending market. The coordinate system of the relationship of the bank and its customers.

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  • The history of the banking in Germany. Exchange, credit and other banking transactions of the German companies. Berenberg Bank - the oldest bank in Germany. Euro is the official currency of Germany. The Deutsche Bundesbank - the central bank of the FRG.

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