Models aggregation in electronic devices computer-aided systems

Mathematical description of aggregated models. The essence of the concept of estimating electronic circuits. The list of principles of computer-aided design of semiconductor electronics. Influence of the aggregation problem on parametric synthesis.

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  • Technological features of modeling wind turbines. Development of optimal physical and mechanical parameters for the design of the power plant equipped with an automated control system. Acquaintance with the results of the aerodynamic rotor testing.

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  • The production of biogas from algae. The Optimization the synthesis process of biogas using the results of the mathematical models of stimulation of this process. The scheme of the reactor for processing suspension of cyanobacteria with ultrasound.

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  • The descriptive structure and implementation of motor driver for solar power plant is proposed. Determination and characterization of the direct loss of power, depending on the angle of deviation. The development of solar power control algorithm.

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  • Analysis concept of semiconductor is a solid whose electrical conductivity is in between that of a conductor and that of an insulator. Familiarization with the methods carrier recombination. Description features of preparation of semiconductor materials.

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  • The realization of a 2-d narrow gap IR-FPA on a Si-substrate containing the active addressing electronics: A 96x128 array with 75 µm pitch for row-by row electronic scanning and parallel read-out of the line addressed. Photovoltaic sensors in the layers.

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  • Semiconductor nanomaterials - very useful in various types of applications as electronic and optical properties. The features of ferromagnetism in copper oxide material without magnetic impurities due to defects created by the deficit of cations.

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  • Elaboration of an opto-electronic scheme. An innovated opto-electronic system where integrated-optical sensor, photodetectors, microelectronic comparison scheme, analog-to-digital converter are integrated with the aim to achieve a high sensitivity.

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  • Testing TimePix micropixel chip as a detector of low energy ions in a focal plane of the laser mass-spectrometer. A unity of pixels over ion mass. Creating "electronic focal plane" of a mass-spectrometer with obvious advantages of real time devices.

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  • Electronic spectra in functionalizing semiconducting carbon nanotube. The soft degrees of freedom in the molecular system: radial deformation, misfit dislocations, and conformation. Conditions of localization or tunneling for holes and electrons.

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  • The procedure of creation, check and adjustment of detailed dynamic model of an electric power system. Criteria of verification and quality indicators of authenticity of dynamic models. Definition of sizes of the measured meanings of voltage frequency.

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