Ecological study of invasive Amorpha fruticosa L. at research biological stations within Steppe zone, Ukraine

The ecological survey of invasive species Amorpha fruticosa L. in the conditions of the Prisamarsky Biosphere Station (downstream of Samara River, Dnieper basin) and Dnieper-Orelsky Natural Reserve. Studying of wide ecological range of Amorpha species.

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  • Monitoring of ecological danger in a region with the intensive loading. The most important factors in the formation of ecological danger and their sources. A technical decisions about ecological safety in the zone of oil transportation industry.

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  • An ecological segregation of five species of thrushes (Turdus pilaris, T merula, T iliacus, T. philomelos, T. viscivorus) in Volyn Polissia was studied. It was established that Redwing and Mistle Thrush has the highest value of ecological specialization.

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  • Conflicts over coastal space and resource and the degradation of natural resources. Formation of the national ecological network of Ukraine. Maintenance and restoration of the coastal ecosystem. General Scheme for Planning of the Territory of Ukraine.

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  • Opportunities of introducing ecological innovations in Ukraine directed at development, creation and implementation of innovations in the form of new products, methods of production organization which reduce the eco-destructive effect of manufacturing.

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  • Ecological and economic effects of this widespread introduction of strong acids into natural systems. Combustion of fossil fuels that produce waste by-products including gases such as oxides of sulfur andnitrogen. Effects on surface water quality.

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  • The world problems: the amount of energy that is consumed globally. Ecological impacts on the planet. Information communications technologies that have affected the ecology of the planet. Developing environmentally friendly products such as bio-fuels

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  • The examining of the territory of "Kempa" botanical reserve of local importance of the Schoenus ferrugineus L. The Estimation of morphometric signs and ecological features of terms of soil-site after edaphic and climatic factors. Prosperity of population.

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  • The study provides insight on major theoretical attempts to explain one of the core phenomena of ecological psychology: environmental concern. The relations between environmental concern and demographic parameters, social and environmental empathy.

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  • The approaches to the natural resources economic assessment as the starting point for arranging recreational activities within nature reserve fund territories. The complex assessment of commercial and environmental potential of recreation activities.

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  • Characteristics of the main anthropogenic factors of environmental pollution. Analysis of the impact of industrial pollution on the atmosphere. The study of the problem of deforestation. Analysis of measures to create a system of ecological security.

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