Vertical seismic profiles on wireline

Methods for performing studies of the seismic sections of the well. The effect of surface distortion of the surrounding environment. Consideration of possible changes in the lithology and structure of the well. Fundamentals of the drilling program.

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  • Analysis of main quantitative characteristics of strong ground motions required for the construction of earth dams in seismic zones. The results of research are based on seismic hazard assessment for the facilities in Amur Region and Khabarovsk Territory.

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  • Tectonic setting, geological history of the Starobin Potash Deposit, the seismic monitoring. Rock jointing in western part of East European platform. The necessity of the tectonic stress accounting. Evolution of paleostresses in the lithosphere of EEP.

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  • The drilling-fluid system—commonly known as the "mud system" as the single component of the well-construction process. Functions Of Mud. Drilling Mud Additives. Blowout is the most spectacular, expensive and highly feared hazard of drilling. Gel strength.

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  • The characteristic of serious instability of the borehole, which often occur during drilling in shale gas reservoirs. Research anf analysis of features of the collapse pressure, which is the lowest during drilling to the maximum horizontal stress.

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  • The calculation of Zenith tropospheric delays as the integration of the vertical profiles of basic meteorological parameters using atmospheric pressure for information about the state of accumulation of moisture in the atmosphere and its dynamics.

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  • The upgrading of road networks on raster topographic maps according to the satellites located on the earth’s surface. Consideration of the benefits of using the given image format for map updates. The particular location of objects on space images.

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  • Analysis of methods of controlling rock massif conditions and forecasting stability of slopes and pit walls. Study of the slope stability nomograms with dimensionless quantities. Characteristic of geological, hydrogeological and technological factors.

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  • The effect of various reagents on the rheological properties of heavy oil, as well as the development of an effective solvent-based reagent based on the studies. The input into development of high-viscosity oil fields. Ways to intensify its production.

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  • Investigation of the composition of the Black Sea surface layer 100-150 m thick. Development of technologies for the production of hydrogen sulphide from its waters. Conversion of a floating power generating complex. Assessment of environmental risks.

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  • Consideration of the structural tectonic location of Kharkiv oblast, its geological and geomorphological structure, which form the underlying features of nature’s variety and beauty, the development of the nature reserve lands of the Kharkiv region.

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