On nilpotent evolution algebras

Characteristic of a Krull–Schmidt Theorem for nonassociative algebras. Definition of the upper annihilating series. Study of some families of nilpotent evolution algebras. Classification of four- and five-dimensional nilpotent evolution algebras.

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  • Absolute value of a complex number, and conjugate complex number. Integral powers and roots of complex numbers. Taylor’s and Laurent’s theorems. Evaluation of integral of meromorphic function. Fundamental elementary functions of complex variables.

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  • Conditions for nite sequences of positive numbers to be certain parts of spectra of the Dirichlet-Dirichlet, Dirichlet-Neumann, Neumann-Dirichlet and Neumann-Neumann boundary value problems generated by the same Stieltjes string recurrence relations.

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  • The self regulation of the parameters of the algorithm is a major step towards the establishment of the method as a general tool of nonlinear data analysis. Algorithms for the general task of extracting nonlinear principal manifolds from high dimensional.

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  • Multidimensional data distributions with complex topologies and variable local dimensions. A new type of low-dimensional "principal object": a principal cubic complex. The method of topological grammars with the minimization of an elastic energy.

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  • Obtaining a criterion of boundedness of L-index in direction for functions f(hz;mi). Finding sufficient conditions of boundedness L-index in direction for some class of entire functions with "plane" zeros. Proving existence theorems of entire function.

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  • Hilbert scheme of points and induction scheme. Cellular decompositions for various nested Hilbert schemes of points. Hodge classes on self-products of K3 surfaces. On the cotangent sheaf of Quot-schemes. Algebraic families on an algebraic surface.

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  • The concept, nature and purpose of mathematics. The process of identifying the "unknowns" in the process of solving the equation. Characteristic and distinctive features of types of equations, examples of possible solutions. Features Diophantine equation.

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  • An analytic univalent convex function. Solution the Gauss equation with negative exponents. Meromorphic starlike and meromorphic convex solutions. Series with negative powers. l-index boundedness. Example of the general solution of Gauss equation.

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  • The definition of real and complex vector spaces. The calculation of the reference type. Rules of addition and multiplication of scalars. The concept of subset. The direct sum of two subspaces. The calculation of the projection of the vector on the area.

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  • The fundamentals of the theory of automata, formal languages, and regular, context-free grammar. Discussion of the principle of Turing, which formalize the concept of soluble and insoluble problems, the definition of time and space evaluation algorithms.

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