The influence of ingredient composition and technology on the formathion of quality of grain casseroles

Features food products based on cereals, nutritional value and nutrient balance of the composition is ensured by a science-based approach for creating multi-component compositions. Evaluation of physical and organoleptic indicators of finished products.

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  • Studying features of chocolate products which often contain flavors (coffee, alcohol, brandy, vanilla, pepper), food additives (raisins, nuts, wafers, candied) or stuffing. Familiarization with the composition of bitter chocolate, milk and white.

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  • The definition of fast food, and description of the products included in it. The use of preservatives, flavors, colors, emulsifiers in these products. The negative impact of junk food on the human body. The use of modifiers in the product description.

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  • Description of food as the most important human needs. Examples of recipes from different cultures around the world. The cult of food in different historical epochs. Characteristic of Food Guide Pyramid like one of the diets based on good nutrition.

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  • General characteristics and features Mexican cuisine. Description of the most common dishes used in the preparation of their food. Technology of preparation of the first, main dishes, desserts and drinks. Distinctive features of the European cuisine.

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  • Features American food. Cooking methods and common ingredients. Fats and oils in food. South variations and popular food (fast food, Coca-Cola). Some facts about American food. American Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Interesting facts about American drinks.

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  • Studying the presence of genetically modified ingredients of vegetable origin in food products and agricultural raw materials represented in the domestic market of Ukraine. Genetically modified organisms and their ambiguous perception in modern society.

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  • Food technologies. Degradation of aromatic compounds by the oil-oxidizing bacteria. Use of cells and surfactants of Nocardia Vaccinii in bioremediation processes. Coordination of technological subsystems of sugar mill considering the doubtful information.

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  • Study the impact of milk whey on characteristics of semi-finished unfermented flaky dough and to design production technology on its basis. Standard methods for determining product yield, moisture content in produced semi-finished unfermented flaky dough.

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  • Physico-chemical properties of starch and flour (high viscosity) isolated from tubers and roots of Taro, Yam and sweet potato commercially available in Australia and traditionally produced in Indonesia. Features of their application in the food industry.

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  • Conditions and measures of food hygiene necessary to ensure the safety of food from production to consumption. Causes and conditions of foodborne diseases. Systematization of food at a preferential role in human nutrition. Assessment of dietary protein.

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