On matrix modification of clarans clustering method in large video surveillance databases

Clustering algorithms for very large database used in image processing and video. Search for groups (classes, clusters, segments) of the objects surveyed in the analyzed information arrays. Multidimensional vectors forming a traditional data table.

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  • Spectral embedding and spectral clustering as common methods for non-linear dimensionality reduction and clustering of complex high dimensional datasets. Asymptotics of the diffusion distances and diffusion maps. Clustering of a mixture of gaussians.

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  • Information Retrieval as finding material of an unstructured nature that satisfies an information need from within large collections. Unstructured (text) and structured (database) data in 1996 and 2006. Basic assumptions of Information Retrieval.

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  • On relevance of technical analysis. Pattern recognition. Technical indicators. Data processing. Feature extraction. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Algorithm and software. Model configuration. Clustering performance on simulated data, brutе force algorithm.

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  • The Iterative Extraction as extended approach extraction techniques in Principal Component Analysis to other additive data models. Additive models for clustering & similarity data and apply Iterative Extraction for deriving feasible clustering solutions.

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  • Development of an optimal full-text search patterns for keywords, taking into account morphological features of Russian and algorithms indexing and full-text search on relational databases fulltext index, MySQL database and PHP programming language.

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  • Introduce the basic principles of digital video compression,focusing on the main techniques used in various video coding standards and applies the rotation and reversion operations to increase the security of the secret images and the utilization.

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  • The value of cluster analysis to explain a number of phenomena. Consideration clustering algorithms computational intelligence, particularly based on neural networks and kernel-based learning. Review their application to five's real world problems.

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  • Network monitoring methodology development as stage of data center infrastructure organizing due to requirements of services efficiency and stability. Process of hot-spot evaluation of the network data indexes. Comparative judgment matrix forming method.

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  • One of the important functions of science is the organization of information storage for searching some data. The basic principle of the database and Relational Database Management System. The SQL Language, Web-page, Macros and Integrity Constraints.

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  • Information technology - a broad class of disciplines and areas of activity related to technology creation, preservation, management and processing of data, including the use of computer technology. The information technology industry. Search engine.

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