History and development of Argentina

After 1989 structural reforms in the country of Argentina. State enterprises, financial relations with areas. Reform of social security. Trade, cancellation of the state control and financial reforms. Recent macroeconomic events and medium-term prospects.

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  • History of development of the criminal procedural legislation of China, its current state and prospects. Provisions of the Criminal Code and its reform. Changes in the economic and social spheres of China, which lead to changes in the criminal process.

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  • Analysis of various approaches to the definition of the essence of one of the most important institutions of financial law - the state credit, which consists in the ability of the state to provide additional revenues to the budget, to cover its deficit.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. The financial system, legal regulation of payment of disability days. The role of the pension fund in the state. The subjects of social insurance against temporary disability. The system of state budget funds in Russia.

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  • The study of private law relations in the field of sports organization. Determining the methods of legal regulation of the relevant civil law, economic relations - in favor of private law. Assessment of the influence of the state on sports activities.

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  • Analysis of the nature and role of the State Duma in the system of state authorities of the Russian Federation. Legal status, powers, rights and obligations of deputies of the State Duma. Material, financial and social guarantees of parliamentarians.

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  • Smuggling as the movement of goods in violation of the prohibition regime, commercial quotas, tariff schedules. State regulation of borders and trade, the impact of these processes on the development of smuggling. The definition of measures to combat it.

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  • Characteristics of states’ influence on the development of social partnership and socially-responsible business in the EU activity. State, transnational corporations and social innovations of the EU. Social partnership and political power.

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  • Formation and modern state of the Arbitration Court at the International Financial Center "Astana". The legal status of representatives participating in the arbitration process. The role of the arbitration court in the financial sphere of society.

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  • The study of the nature and essence of public-public partnerships in the field of business. Methods management considered a form of realization of the relationship between the state and society. Prospects of development of social entrepreneurship.

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  • Familiarity with the organizational forms of public control. The peculiarities of social control as a form of social control. Characteristics of the main tasks of the public councils. The analysis of peculiarities of realization of the state policy.

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