Information decision support of region management on the basis of integration technology of potentially dangerous objects three-dimensional models with geographic information system of the executive agencies

The technology of integration of three-dimensional models of potentially dangerous objects into the geoinformation system of executive bodies. Description of spatial information in the composition of three-dimensional models. Means of a unified system.

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  • Information technology - a broad class of disciplines and areas of activity related to technology creation, preservation, management and processing of data, including the use of computer technology. The information technology industry. Search engine.

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  • The approaches to the information system construction for analyzing work complexity. Business logic and access logic to the database, as a basis of software implementation and in future presentation logic. The block diagram of the information system.

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  • Mathematical model of transformation of stochastic and fuzzy information in quantum information in the form of multiplication of unitary operators from not commutative von Neumann group. Theoretical basis of information technologies of quantum-logic.

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  • A random access memory. Examples of peripheral devices: expansion card, video card, image scanners, tape drives, microphones, speakers, web and digital cameras. Network or shared printers. Print three-dimensional objects. Printing 3D models from STL file.

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  • Information security and risk management. Business continuity and disaster recovery. Legal, regulations, compliance and investigations. Operating system architecture. Information technology security evaluation criteria. LAN media access technologies.

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  • The article reviews the contemporary land information systems of land management. The current problems of information support for land management are identified. Suggestions how to improve the information systems using technologies are presented.

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  • A computer based decision support system is proposed the basic tasks of which are adaptive model constructing of financial processes. The system is developed with the use of system analysis principles, forming alternatives for models and forecasts.

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  • The problem of three-dimensional reconstruction on Android devices, sensors system. Process of reconstructing three-dimensional models. Camera calibration, finding matching points between images, the use of sensors Android device to solve the problem.

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  • Characteristics of information and communication technologies. History of the creation of a computer system. Classification operating system: DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS. Databases management systems: the concept, characteristics, architecture.

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  • Information system research in historic perspective. Research scope on digital transformation. Depicting countries for software trade comparison analysis. Digital transformation conditions in Russia. Japanese school in information system research field.

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