Effects of different duck meat and wheat bran contents on the quality characteristics of sausages

Wheat bran as an ingredient that can balance nutrients in food. Protein composition of duck meat as a raw material for making sausage. Analysis of the content of duck meat and wheat bran, their influence on the quality characteristics of sausages.

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  • Review of safety and quality indicators of mechanically separated poultry meat. Determination of physicochemical parameters, in particular the mass fraction of bone inclusions, calcium, and total phosphorus. Microbiological criteria of food safety.

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  • The subject of research is standardization as one of the forms of regulation in the food industry of Ukraine, in particular in the production of milk and milk products, determination of safety and quality parameters of the specified food raw materials.

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  • Assessing the impact of a range of factors such as purchasing and psychological behaviour, experience, knowledge and information on food quality and safety. Trust in participants and institutions, risk perception, willingness to pay, increased risks.

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  • Study of the effect of oat b-glucan on the viscosity-speed characteristics of mixtures and the physico-chemical characteristics of milk-vegetable ice cream. The use of rotational viscometry and known methods for studying the resistance to melting.

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  • Therapeutic and organoleptic properties of monofloral honey. Examination of samples of acacia honey for compliance with quality criteria to confirm their botanical origin. Substantiation of the belonging of honey samples to monofloral acacia honey.

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  • Review of specialized foods for the hard workers of specialized enterprises. The study of the characteristics of nutrition and health of workers in this area, consideration of the main issues of development of the production of specialized foods.

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  • Features American food. Cooking methods and common ingredients. Fats and oils in food. South variations and popular food (fast food, Coca-Cola). Some facts about American food. American Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Interesting facts about American drinks.

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  • Physiological function of dietary fiber, the use of various types of fiber in bakery products. Improve the quality of legume waste with physical technology. Removal of Ant nutrition factors. Trypsin inhibitor, use of legume flour in bread and cakes.

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  • The technology of biscuits "Zdorovia". The current production state of flour confectionery, improving the biscuit production technology through adding raw materials of plant origin with preferential organoleptic characteristics and reduced sugar content.

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  • The study of sunflower seeds with a high content of glycerides of oleic acid, oil obtained from them by the method of single pressing. Determination of physical and mechanical properties and quality of seeds. Determination of the oxidative stability.

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  • Description of the history of the fast-food at various stages of its development, the identification of positive and negative aspects of fast-food. Identify the reasons why people eat fast food. The relation of people to fast food. History Hamburger.

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  • Studying the presence of genetically modified ingredients of vegetable origin in food products and agricultural raw materials represented in the domestic market of Ukraine. Genetically modified organisms and their ambiguous perception in modern society.

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  • Choice of sugar substitute for bakery and confectionery products. Evaluation of the water absorption capacity of a cake with coconut sugar and mesquite flour. Reducing the moisture content of cakes. Increasing the nutritional and energy value of biscuits.

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  • The definition of fast food, and description of the products included in it. The use of preservatives, flavors, colors, emulsifiers in these products. The negative impact of junk food on the human body. The use of modifiers in the product description.

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