Characteristics and methods of noise reduction in aircraft engines

Sound like the result of pressure changes in a medium, caused by turbulence. Maximum permissible industrial noise levels by Occupational Safety and Health Act. Schematic of airport runway showing approach, and sideline noise measurement stations.

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  • Effects of noise - a major problem of the turbojet-powered commercial aircrafts. Sleep disturbance and noise influence on health. Noise measurement and rules. Duct lining calculation. Tupolev 154M description and the methods for suppressing jet noise.

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  • Noise from highway traffic is an environmental problem in both metropolitan and rural areas and has become an element of the tension between economic development an quality of life. Tire and pavement noise generation. Reduced noise pavement principles.

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  • Deflagration-to-detonation transition is interesting both for explosion safety. The pulse detonation engine designing. Such engines are energetically favorable at flight Mach numbers exceeding 3. The engineering of detonation engines (rocket engines).

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  • The problem of the maximum resources recovery of rolling stock repair depot of industrial enterprise. The factors that affect the repair depot operation. The target functions of vector optimization as the mathematical model of rational system recovery.

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  • Aviation as the design, development, production, operation and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. Manufacturers of civil transport aircraft. A draft failure for realization of hypersonic flight at speeds about six numbers of the Move.

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  • Work computers in cars. Install an antitheft system in the car. Basic safety measures taken into account in the design. Figuring out the composition of new composite materials. Consideration of external design and interior. Characteristics of the engine.

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  • Intelligent Transportation System with autonomic functions that are cyber-physical in nature is of rapidly increasing importance for traffic efficiency and safety. This can lead to the loss of many of the benefits in regard to traffic efficiency.

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  • Justification of technology attachment and choose the best option. Creating graphs recruitment mount for idealized cases using modern automated methods of calculation. Technologies of working trench by the special method for shallow subways’ stations.

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  • The method of aerodynamic condition of the aircraft on the thermal fields was developed. There are identified diagnostics the regularities of formation of temperature gradients in the boundary layer of air that occurs after damage of external contours.

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  • The derivation of the six degree of freedom equations of motion. The Earth model, its kinematic parameters. An analytical solution in the discrete time interval. Choosing a single reference condition for gain calculation. Aircraft device deployment.

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