Accommodation. Unusual hotels

Consideration of the specifics accommodation in the storey hotel "Dog Bark" the form of a dog. The construction of "The Ice Hotel" in Sweden. Opening on the island of Fiji, underwater hotel "Poseidon" resort 5 stars located on the bottom of the ocean.

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  • Establishment Hotel "Paradise hotel" in 2013 in specially collar of artificial career on the island of Madagascar. The rules and requirements to the personnel. Rooms fund and description. Additional services, the menu of the restaurant the old empire.

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  • An ideal tourist should consult a professional travel agent about a holiday. Fundamental rules make a hotel reservation and the cheapest accommodation. The procedure for customs clearance. Tourist leaflets and the seasons in the destination resort.

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  • The increasing number of subjects in the field of hotel services and aggravation of competitive fight. Search of tools and ways to improve competitiveness from the hotel enterprises. Consideration of the models of hotel services quality assessment.

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  • Basic parameters of the hotel industry in Lviv region. The structure of the hotel industry is investigated according to the types of hotels, non-permanent capacity, territorial location, categories, served segments. Trends of hotel industry development.

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  • The seasonality of demand in the hotel industry and its dependence on the location of the hotel. The popularity of resorts focused on health care. Measures to attract customers to the hotel: discounts, services, etc. Seasonality in Saint-Petersburg.

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  • Active development of tourist infrastructure. The relevance of the problem of classification (categorization) of hotel companies on the basis of standardization standards for the provision of quality services. Requirements for creating hotel categories.

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  • Technologies focused on the owners, which allow to improve efficiency of the enterprise Hotel Sport. Features of victorian designs and mobile apps and vince Perry for their successful implementation of a hotel for businesses. Quality of hotel services.

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  • The importance of the hotel industry for the economic and trade growth in the Montenegro. Тhe importance of level of quality in operations for the hotel industry. Hospitality is the most important and indispensable activities in tourist destinations.

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  • Значение гостиничного бизнеса в экономике современной России. Роль размещения в индустрии гостеприимства. Классификация гостиниц и категории номеров. Краткая характеристика отеля "Marriott Grand Hotel Moscow". Организация процесса обслуживания туристов.

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  • Расположение и ассортимент услуг, предоставляемых клиентам Tulip Inn Sofrino Park Hotel. Возможности проведения различных конференций в отеле. Территория и ландшафт Tulip Inn. Обустройство общественной зоны в отеле. Архитектурная стилистика Tulip Inn.

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