Games with the Supernatural: Magical Reality in the Everyday Life

Penetration of magic reality in domains of modern life through interactive computer games and the internet. Psychological studies of modern people and their belief in magical reality that is usually subconscious. Reasons of addiction to computer games.

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  • The psychological phenomenon, which indicates that certain structures of magical thinking leaked into concepts of modern physics and cosmology. Psychological experiments have shown that modern rational adults subconsciously believe in the supernatural.

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  • An analysis of one of the existing approaches to the study of the ratio of the alternative (virtual) world to our reality. Psychological virtual reality as one of the types of virtual reality. Types of psychological virtual reality: consulate and virtual.

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  • The paradigm as a contrast of a narradigm and as a displacement of the "subjective" by the "objective" picture of the reality using the scientific procedures. The heuristical, magical, philosophical, scientific and astroregulation phases of the paradigm.

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  • The problems that arise regarding the relationships between the brain and subjective experience. Robots and the magic of subjective experience. The impossibility of the Matrix, states of artificial subjectivity. Magical thinking: reality or illusion.

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  • Addiction: definition and classifications. А particular group of symptoms which are common for addiction. The Internet as an opportunity and a threat. The problem of addiction to computer and Internet. Prevention of Internet addiction.

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  • The axiological and sense sphere as the core element of culture. Computer games addiction - one of the potentially negative transformations of a person of the successful young men under the influence of information and communication technologies.

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  • The role of the mass media and the Internet in shaping the personality in globalized world. Forms of Internet addiction. Pricines, mechanisms and factors of occurrence. Socio-psychological conditions for the development of a propensity to addictive.

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  • The problem of brutality in video games and its impact on the social behavior of players. Violence in video games as one of the reasons for increased aggression. Decrease in social behavior, empathy and moral engagement. The risk to the health of minors.

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  • he study of the psychological phenomenon of hope for the immortality of the individual consciousness (soul) of man and humanity in the context of the latest experimental studies of magical thinking. A person and the universe: Conflict of the worlds.

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  • Procedure for the main purpose of life and the work of man, his importance in modern society and the way of achievement. The influence of popular culture on human consciousness. The influence of fears and taboos prevalent in a particular society.

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