Scientific aspects of preparation of teaching materials by discipline Botany

Examines the introduction of teaching methods into the educational process, among which the leading role is given by the educational material that allows students to form knowledge. Research of the teaching materials, as a pedagogical technique.

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  • Description and explanation role play activities. The nature of role-playing games. The technique of teaching language. Learner and teacher roles. Classroom practices and behaviors. The concept of immersion in playing. Problems of accelerating learning.

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  • Aspects of teaching intensive reading to students of faculties of foreign languages in universities. A broad range of techniques and activities stimulating learners’ interest in reading. Three stages of reading: extensive reading, scanning, skimming.

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  • The main principles and the role of the teacher in language teaching. The study of the behavior of the educator and students in the classroom. Methodological approaches to teaching English today. The modern educationalists' potential repertoire.

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  • Teaching methods and teacher learner roles. Intelligence types and appropriate educational activities. The fundamental dimension of learning style. The use of language learning strategies: a synthesis of studies with implications for strategy training.

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  • Specific features and methodology in teaching English to adults. Investigation of advantages and challenges of teaching. Factors, which can affect senior language learning. The methods of observational and correlational research are used in the article.

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  • The use of songs in the learning process. The role of music in English language teaching and its impact on children of primary school age. Review of modern methods of learning English. Consideration of the effectiveness of innovative teaching methods.

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  • Games as a means of development the pupil’s cognitive activity. Types of games and their classification. Using games in educational process. 2. One of the best ways to get children interested in a game is to have them participate actively in its creation.

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  • Consideration of the main problems and ways of implementing the Federal State Educational Standard of Primary General Education. Familiarity with the key features of the use of heuristic methods of knowledge in the research activities of younger students.

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  • Analyze of peculiarities in teaching writing to beginner students. Using controlled-to-free approach is sequential to audio-lingual method in teaching writing. Steps in writing that will help beginning level students gain confidence in writing skills.

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  • Reveals the theme of teaching of foreign languages on the basis of communication technology. Characteristics of methods which abilities of students to carry out various activities using the english language. Description of communicative teaching.

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