Scientific aspects of preparation of teaching materials by discipline Botany

Examines the introduction of teaching methods into the educational process, among which the leading role is given by the educational material that allows students to form knowledge. Research of the teaching materials, as a pedagogical technique.

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  • Illumination of creativity of the Ukrainian public figure Ivan Filipchak. Systematization of pedagogical knowledge. The introduction of human and national values in the educational process. Formation of patriotic consciousness among young people.

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  • The integration of world society that influence the content of educational process. Motive-dynamic assessment of the educational efficiency, catalyzing the search for the new educational models and technologies, oriented to actualization of potential.

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  • The role of the translation method and the native tongue in foreign language teaching. The specific features of application of the foreign multi-level educational and methodical complexes. Usage of the translation method in multi-level language teaching.

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  • The concept, characteristics and peculiarities of pedagogical innovation. The importance and role of innovations in the management of the development of educational systems. The process of using and disseminating innovations in the innovation process.

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  • The objectives of teaching English at the university level for students of different specialties. The study of two approaches in teaching grammar: analysis and use of grammatical units. Grammar class analysis and assignment description for each stage.

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  • The main conditions and regularities of the use of test tasks in teaching English writing. Research and evaluation of theoretical foundations, directions and prospects of practical solution of the problem of teaching English written communication.

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  • The visual methods of teaching grammar in the English language. The main difficulties that may arise in the process of teaching English grammar. The peculiarities of the foreign language teaching of children and adults. Acquisition of vocabulary.

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  • Drawbacks of using the classical teaching methods in English language learning. Some interactive methods for teaching foreign languages are shown. Some interactive methods for teaching foreign languages are also shown. Communicative language teaching.

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  • The use of effective methods and forms in modern higher education. Organization of forums and discussions, modeling pedagogical situations. The development of creative, cognitive abilities of students. Control of independent work on educational material.

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  • The study of the problem of motivating students of higher educational institutions. Analysis of the motivation of teaching students of the specialty "Special Education" and the identification of ways to form professionally oriented learning motivation.

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