Scientific aspects of preparation of teaching materials by discipline Botany

Examines the introduction of teaching methods into the educational process, among which the leading role is given by the educational material that allows students to form knowledge. Research of the teaching materials, as a pedagogical technique.

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  • The problems of teaching pedagogics in higher educational establishments in United Europe. The activities aiming at shaping the axiological sphere of the students and at equipping them with knowledge being an instrument of educational influence.

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  • Determination of the idea of universal knowledge matrices as interdisciplinary tools for research and teaching students. The need to justify the universal knowledge basis. The embodiment of pedagogical integration and the fundamentalization of knowledge.

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  • Modern methods of using games in teaching English. Problem of increased psycho-emotional stress on students. The role of the game in the learning process. Classification of educational games in a foreign language. Scripts of some educational games.

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  • Ananlysis of the market of educational technologies. Description of the best known techniques as basic technique, classical approach to the study of language, lingvosotsiocultural approach, communicative approach, meaningful method of test preparation.

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  • Teaching Mathematics and Science. Pressure and Support. The Principal, Test Preparation and Educational Reform. Principal Interviev Guide. Codes for Claaroom Observation Data. Testing affects Teacher and students. State testing and the standards movement.

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  • The use of a web-case in teaching English to future economists. The necessity to develop new forms, methods, tools of teaching English with the use of multimedia technologies. The effectiveness of implementation of a web-case in the educational process.

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  • The describes the methods and techniques of teaching adequate to sense-actions, which are focused on the initiation of learner’s sense formation in the educational process. Features of manifestation of the esthetic attitude at reality perception.

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  • Characteristics of categories of human knowledge. Peculiarities of the methodology of teaching in the primary school, focused on the student's individuality and capabilities, the role of this methodology in the personalization of the learning process.

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  • Dilemma in language teaching process, linguistic research. Modern techniques in language teaching, grammar translation method and communicative approach. Principles and important factors of learning and teaching vocabulary. Sets of lessons plans, tests.

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  • Definition and analysis of information evaluation, the difference between evaluation and testing. Evaluation of materials for educational programs, which includes primarily the experience of teachers, and then students, administrators and managers.

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