The story of Caliph Stork

History Khalifa Hasid, features and circumstances of his acquaintance with his future wife. Fairy tale about an enchanted woman in the image of an owl. Causes of witchcraft and especially the liberation of the beautiful princess from the evil witch.

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  • Part of Chaucer’s attention in the Canterbury Tale. Clothes as an indication of the social status of people. The law defines the style of clothing. Feature story acting persons and their clothing. The versatility of the plot due the attention to clothes.

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  • The main differences between the English of folk tales from the Russian. Reflected in the plot and the genre tales of the culture and life of England. The characteristics of heroes the most famous English fairy tales. The analysis of German folk tales.

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  • The opposition images that are revealed through the usage of symbols that include weather depiction, color representation. The depict the image of purity, innocence and love, of darkness and night, sad, unhappy feelings in story of Ann Beattie’s "Snow".

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  • History of life writer D. Defoe. "Robinson Crusoe" is the story of a shipwreck on a desert island. "Captain Singleton": the voyage story of a captain who becomes a pirate. "Colonel Jack": the story of a pickpocket who repents. Structure of Defoe’s novels.

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  • Definition and analysis of the main character and narrator of the story "Disappearing" by Monica Wood. The study and characteristic of specific features of the context of the society in which he lives a woman: patriarchy, feminism and postmodernism.

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  • The article explores the spatial and temporal world-image dimensions in Irish epic (mythological, heroic and wonder tale) traditions. Binary and threefold world concepts and the problem of inheriting mythological space and time concepts are analyzed.

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  • The researching how medieval English reality of Geoffrey Chaucer’s "The Miller’s Tale" is brought across to the present-day reader in modern English translation. Singles out major reality-building constituents that make up the world of the famous story.

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  • The article aims at identifying the specificity of Angela Carter’s writings and their place in the world literary process. Chuprinin’s theory of three main literature levels. The images of the old tale are analyzed from the point of Saussure’s theory.

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  • Analysis of genre nature of the novel. Features of the architectonics of the works Aldington. Characteristics of the specific compositional and story lines. An overview of compositional novelty and music, which reveal the depth of content in the novel.

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  • Consideration and analysis of novel by Kevin Powers - "The Yellow Birds", depiction of most horrific events in the history of Iraq war. The image of the Iraqis people in warfare times. Author's review of arabic own point of view on the cause of the war.

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