Handbook of psychology

Current perspectives in educational psychology. Contemporary theories of intelligence. Memory and information processes. Teaching in elementary and secondary education. Gender issues in the classroom. The future perspectives in educational psychology.

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  • Characteristics and value of education in preparing the future functioning of children in society, creation of proper interpersonal relations. The selection of key learning methods of students, the role of the teacher in the educational process.

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  • Modern methods of using games in teaching English. Problem of increased psycho-emotional stress on students. The role of the game in the learning process. Classification of educational games in a foreign language. Scripts of some educational games.

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  • The American system of school education. Elementary and secondary education. Secondary education in the United States. Junior and senior high school. Public and private schools. College and university. The programme of studies in the elementary school.

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  • Education in Britain, infant and junior parts of primary school. Types of secondary schools: comprehensive, modern and grammar schools. Elementary education in the USA, middle and high types of secondary schools. Features of the college and institute.

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  • The main components and features of designing an educational and informational portal for students. Selection of personal trajectory is realized through the use of personal account, which includes electronic laboratory reports, information materials.

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  • Description of the educational system in the UK. The typology of schools, their characteristics. National curriculum and educational structure of the country. The analysis of further and higher education. The most famous universities of England.

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  • Characteristics of anthropological, axiological and cultural approaches of education, the relationship between them. The specifics of the work of teachers working with children with special educational needs. Basic principles of education in Ukraine.

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  • Analysis of models of religious parental education, attitudes towards the social and personal development of children. Requirements for Teaching staff at an educational institution. Choice of forms of educational influence, social activity of children.

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  • The history, current situation and characteristics of higher education cooperation between China and Russia. The main problems concerning regulations educational levels student. Language competence, distribution discipline, selections specialty.

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  • Analysis of the value of educational clusters for the economic development of regions and the country. Cluster campaign as a basis for the formation of educational projects for higher education institutions as educational institutions of higher education.

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