Investment strategy of agrarian sector

The analysis of agro-industrial production. The designation of the main directions of its progressive development, the development of the market environment, entering the agrarian sector of the economy of Ukraine in the global market communities.

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  • The issues of investment process in the agrarian sector of the economy. Diagram of the stages of the investment process in agrarian sphere on the basis of functions such as: forecasting and programming, motivation, investment insurance and other.

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  • Analysis of agricultural sector of Uktaine. The necessity of improving the model of innovations funding in the agrarian sector of Ukraine with the account of globalization processes. The model constructed by the rule of "the golden sequence" is proposed.

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  • The study of peculiarities of the implementation of the transport potential of Ukraine. A description of the main problems hindering the development of the national transport market. Justification of directions of its further effective development.

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  • Development and characterization of basic measures to improve the investment process in the agricultural enterprises. The use of dialectical and synergetic method of system analysis. The management of the investment process in the agrarian formations.

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  • Conceptualizing structural elements of the economic system belonging to production processes. Defining an entity of economic management mechanism is a complex of organizational structures. Research and analysis of economic features of the food market.

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  • The content of the category employment. Identified the dominant factors influencing the development of the labour market and in Ukraine. Analysis of the main tendencies of employment in reions. The key problems that require structural changes in economy.

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  • The interdependence of market mechanisms with the effectiveness of the institutional environment. The directions of forming a homogeneous institutional environment. The analysis of the transaction costs of telecommunications market public sector entities.

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  • Tendencies of the domestic market in Ukraine in terms of the volatility of the international economic environment, risks for domestic commodity markets caused by increasing global imbalances. The maintaining the stability of the domestic market.

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  • The scheme of the stages of the investment process in the agricultural sector on the basis of functions such as investment forecasting and programming, investments motivation and investment insurance. Development of variants of investment projects.

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  • Becoming of market relations in UA stipulate the necessity of improvement of control system by the service’s enterprises, orientation of the management system on the market conditions of economy, ability to react to changes in the market environment.

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