The main signs of person’s moral consciousness as supreme ethical values. The essence of the concept "moral personality". Moral personality formation. Individual moral self-estimation: forms, components, essence. Self-regulation of moral activity.

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  • Analysis of moral role in modern Ukrainian university idea formation. Role of person moral consciousness level forming is showed, especially of level of legal consciousness and culture in new academic culture establishment, element of which is honesty.

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  • Ethics is a system of moral principles that helps people to reach a right decision in different situations. Based on general moral principles, internet business ethics differs from just ethics because of its following business standards in the internet.

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  • As a practice of government, health promotion establishes that which should be aspired to, and the technologies by health promotion provide for individuals the ethics which they seek in order to understand themselves as moral and ethical individuals.

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  • Theory ethical universality. Nicocles’ ethical orientation. Kant's views, Patton’s ethical theory - other conceptions of ethical universality that are not vulnerable to Foucault’s criticism. The force of his resistance to universal norms of behaviour.

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  • Confucianism as a system of behaviours and ethics that stress the obligations of people towards one another based upon their relationship. The official communication in dealing with someone of higher rank. Non-confrontational of Chinese character.

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  • Analysis of approaches to corporate culture, its features and characteristics. The essence of corporate culture and its impact on the organizational life of the company. The role of corporate etiquette for positive development and business success

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  • The concept and main provisions on cross-cultural negotiations. Analysis of the rules of negotiating international business Australia. Description of ten ways the influence of culture on negotiations. The first contacts and meetings, bargaining.

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  • Study of the main principles of politeness in cross-cultural communication. Describing of the main stumbling blocks to effective communication among which are language, non-verbal communication, preconceptions, anxiety, tendency to a quick evaluation.

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  • Overview of the work schedule and punctuality of the working people of England. Conservative attitudes to business arrangements and style in British business culture. The concept of "dress-down Fridays". Difficulties communications from the British.

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