Theoretical and practical aspects of services development in Ukraine

Becoming of market relations in UA stipulate the necessity of improvement of control system by the service’s enterprises, orientation of the management system on the market conditions of economy, ability to react to changes in the market environment.

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  • The category of "agricultural market" in the paper as the diverse social and economic system with an emergent effect in terms of the certain competitive advantages. The cognitive model of the Russian agricultural market in the conditions of globalization.

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  • Establishment of integration mechanism of interaction between educational services market and labor market in Ukraine to bring the system of education in accordance with the requirements of employers. Improving the competitiveness of the education system.

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  • Rationale for the problems in the oil and gas system of Ukraine. Logistic approach to the establishment of a permanent reserve of oil in the modern economy. The path selection strategy of a companies in the market of gas production and processing.

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  • Purpose is to analyze the labor market and the market of educational services interaction in conditions of society transformation and country transition to the European integration way of development. Studying the peculiarities of their regulation.

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  • International experience of companies, which using consultancy services to work effectively under conditions of uncertainty of the economic environment. Analyze global trends in the market of consulting services to support and develop business.

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  • The analysis of agro-industrial production. The designation of the main directions of its progressive development, the development of the market environment, entering the agrarian sector of the economy of Ukraine in the global market communities.

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  • Conceptualizing structural elements of the economic system belonging to production processes. Defining an entity of economic management mechanism is a complex of organizational structures. Research and analysis of economic features of the food market.

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  • Tendencies of the domestic market in Ukraine in terms of the volatility of the international economic environment, risks for domestic commodity markets caused by increasing global imbalances. The maintaining the stability of the domestic market.

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  • Quality of service - an indicator that affects the structure of consumer demand, which is an important factor in the competition in the tourism market. Methods of formation of the mechanism of state regulation, quality management of tourist services.

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  • Terms of business development. Kinds of entrepreneurship. The objectives and functions of the firm. Firm in the system of market relations. Organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurship. The classification of firms and their role in the economy.

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