Scale approach to urban studies with gis-tools

The approach in urban studies upon a new perspective which involve fractal ones reveals the unique level of details in urban system analysis. Characteristic the applying fractal dimensions in the urban spatial structure analysis with the GIS software.

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  • The geographical unit of Great Britain, its capital and the largest urban region in the country. Historic buildings of London and its infrastructure. Characteristics of regions The Southeast, The Southwest, East Anglia, The Midlands and The North.

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  • Wellington is the largest urban area and the most populous national capital in Oceania. The major centers of the arts, culture, sports and the film industry. The amazing places in Auckland metropolitan area, Queenstown, Nelson and Hamilton cities.

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  • Geographical analysis of higher aquatic flora of Seversky Donets valley was carried out using the classification of types of species areas in the spatial three-dimensional coordinate system. Studying the distinctive features of the investigated flora.

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  • Making multiscale seabed topography with the manual sounding method and single-beam echo-sounding method will base on sounding point density. Maping data according to the design is only used for making a topographic map with the equal or smaller scale.

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  • Review and analysis of size and age structure of the economically active population of the Kemerovo region and the Altai territory. Characteristics of the effect of migration on the population size and age structure of active female and male population.

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  • The analysis of the countries of Europe and the diversity index of the terrain expressed as a variable responsible for geography. The study of natural resources and agriculture at the global level and their impact on the development of economic growth.

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  • The geographical location and natural conditions in Canada, particularly the state structure. General characteristics of the level of development of economy and industry. Population structure and religion, settlement types. Most major cities in Canada.

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  • Changes on economic and political map of the world. Typology of countries from the hierarchy and spatial perspective of the economy. A new geography of the world economy and changes in the organization of production, outsourcing and offshoring.

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  • Introduction to geographical location, climatic conditions, the state structure and population of New Zealand. The main cities (Southland, Harihari, Canterbury, Queenstown, Auckland) and islands of New Zealand. Unique flora and fauna of the country.

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  • The Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, the Yellowstone and Death Valley National Parks are unique places in North America. The Mount Rushmore is number one tourist attraction. The Everglades ecosystem is the largest subtropical wilderness in the USA.

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