Change management

Changes and change management practicies. The research consists in studying Project Management Office roles and functions in change management activities held in the companies. Compare the Project Management Office roles and change management models.

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  • The factors influencing the quality of project management approach in an organization and measures for correcting typical mistakes identified within this research. It generates pressure on organizations to create professional project management framework.

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  • Roles and responsibilities in the generalized body of knowledge on project management. Focus on the business need, never compromise quality, build incrementally from firm foundations - the main principles of the Dynamic Systems Development Method.

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  • Features of creating new products in the process of preparing a new production. Development of the project, the creation and organization of the release of new products as the main tasks of production. Project management is a special area of management.

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  • Complexity as a key independent variable that influences subsequent decisions in the practice of project management. Operations management, practice of the emergency, description of complex projects. Project management and systematic monitoring.

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  • The telecommunication sector risk profile are identified based on qualitative and quantitative risk management. Prospective for using Bayesian technologies at continuous risk management are determined. Experience of telecom companies in risk management.

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  • The basic methods of strategic management at pharmaceutical companies within the competition environment. Development of pharmaceutical market in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2012. External environment factors affecting management system. Map of target.

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  • Familiarity with the preconditions of using outsourcing in the process of project management. Consideration of the types of outsourcing services. Features of use of outsourcing in Ukraine at the present stage. The essence of the concept of outsourcing.

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  • Theoretical framework of management by engagement. Research design and methodology. Analysis of management by engagement implementation experience in Russian and global companies operating in Russia. Task level resources and organization of work.

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  • Modern methods of management decision. Adaptation of classical theories to pharmaceutical management. The requirements for effective management decision. Uncertainty as causes risk in the organization activity. The algoritm for management decision.

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  • The concept of strategic management as an objective reality, post-industrial economy. The study of types and models of strategic management in Ukraine and abroad. The flaws in the traditional strategic management system in a stable market environment.

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