Investment support for higher education development

Analysis investment support for higher education. Evaluation of main trends in the participation of higher education institutions in the investment process. The role of investment as a factor of modernization of educational services in higher education.

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  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness, which is the link between the analysis stage and the stage of decision-making about investment. Matrix modeling that involves the formation of a certain integral. Analysis of the potential return on investment.

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  • The study of the meaning, role and major problems of the investment process in Ukraine, peculiarities of its state regulation. Analysis of international investment experience, offer possible ways of increasing the investment attractiveness of the state.

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  • Investment climate: evaluation methodology and literature review. Investment climate evaluation in Russia. Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and regional investment climate investigation. The investment climate in Volga federal district.

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  • Functions of investment spending. Indicators of the economy's performance. Fixed assets as the major component of investment potential. Political climate and credit ratings. Research of investment potential of China. Development process in recent years.

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  • The formation of the investment potential of households and its role in ensuring the modernization of the economy of Ukraine. Features of the functioning of households in the context of the importance of their economic decisions for economic development.

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  • The innovative orientation of modern investments. The conditions in which investment cycles originate, unfold, fade away. The necessity of introduction of changes into the direction of investment cycles, the unfavourable conditions of future development.

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  • The steps for the sustainable development of innovation and investment processes in the region and the necessary organizational economic measures for the support of the investment and innovation activity at various management stages have been determined.

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  • Principles of a approach to legislative support of the innovation and investment sectors of the economy. The systematization of the appropriate legal framework and detail regarding the application of legal instruments in the regulatory legal framework.

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  • Analysis of the current state of business innovation infrastructure in the Odessa region. Revealing problems in the functioning of the existing regional innovation and investment. The efficiency of creating infrastructure in institutions of education.

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  • The issues of investment process in the agrarian sector of the economy. Diagram of the stages of the investment process in agrarian sphere on the basis of functions such as: forecasting and programming, motivation, investment insurance and other.

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