Wear mechanisms analysis and elaboration of measures on improving the interaction of wheelset with rail track

Consideration and characteristics of the scheme double-point wheel-rail interaction. Familiarization with the erosive wearing. Definition of the dependence of the coefficient of adhesion on the temperature. Analysis of sand system of the locomotive.

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  • Analysis of the overall stiffness range of most plastics in combination with common efforts to use the thinnest wall thickness possible. Dependence of plastics processing processes on tool quality and process parameters. Basic design considerations.

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  • Изучение влияния точности измерений диагностических параметров элементов топливной аппаратуры на качество технического обслуживания и ремонта двигателей внутреннего сгорания. Анализ связи структурных и диагностических параметров топливных систем.

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  • Estimating the number of conduction modes can, their evaluation. Analysis of the model for the mean free path for backscattering. Calculation of near equilibrium thermoelectric transfer coefficients. Setting the differences in voltage and temperature.

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  • Іn this paper we present the microcontroller system for the diagnostics and evaluation of the Stirling engine performance. For this purpose the analysis model for the prototype engine has been developed to present the engine’s improved benchmarking result

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  • Analysis of criteria for steels warping susceptibility under the thermochemical treatment. Study of value of the details warping during the quenching. Analysis of residual internal pressures in hardened layer and kinetics of austenitic grain growth.

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  • Regulatory basis that promotes the development of renewable energy in Ukraine. The features of energy saving measures as a complex final consumption product. A complex of activation instruments being adjusted to the characteristics of individual objects.

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  • Розробка плану впровадження системи аналізу небезпечних чинників та критичних точок контролю на молочноконсервному комбінаті з урахуванням принципів комбінування молочно-рослинної сировини. Аналіз виробничих ризиків та заходів щодо їх виникнення.

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  • Study of features of lysergic acid diethylamide opening. Characteristic aspects of cornflakes in the United States. Analysis of the background of the invention of the pacemaker. Characteristics based on the version of the discoverer of anesthesia.

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  • Analysis of finite element methods, numerical methods for solving engineering and mathematical physics. Obtaining analytical solutions for problems of complex geometry, loads and material properties. Tension rods, beams and other simple structures.

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  • Structural phase composition analysis of heterogenous film materials based on refractory metals is presented. A thermal activity nature of their conductivity was determined. Of investigation were estimated thermal resistance coefficient and energy.

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