Wear mechanisms analysis and elaboration of measures on improving the interaction of wheelset with rail track

Consideration and characteristics of the scheme double-point wheel-rail interaction. Familiarization with the erosive wearing. Definition of the dependence of the coefficient of adhesion on the temperature. Analysis of sand system of the locomotive.

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  • Features the design of tooling for casting under pressure of zinc alloys. The problem that arise when designing a press-forms of analysis. Experiments to study thermal stability of materials, parts, equipment subject to cyclic thermo-mechanical treatment.

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  • Analysis of a mathematical model to determine the transient modes of rotary kilns, drying drums and mills taking into account electromagnetic processes in the induction motor. Mechanical vibrations of the elements of the drive mechanism, long metal body.

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  • Категории задач, для решения которых чаще всего применяются САЕ (computer aided engineering) системы. Архитектура и принцип работы стандартного САЕ-пакета, основные примеры систем: Salome, ANSYS (Swanson Analysis Systems) и MSC.Nastran, их характеристики.

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  • The investigation is focused on the evaluation of residual stresses resulting from cold deformation and welding in candidate target structural materials such as martensitic Alloys EP-823 and HT-9, and also an austenitic Type 304L stainless steel.

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  • Comparative analysis of the effect of chemical compounds on the process of forming an electric arc and the conditions for its combustion.Metal transfer in the interelectrode gap under experimental conditions. Specific power of electric arc discharge.

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  • Research microstructure Rodent dental alloy based on Ni-Cr-Mo after casting in a vacuum furnace. Chemical analysis of crystallographic orientation and topography. Bold molybdenum carbides, eutectic-P and particles of aluminum oxide within dendrites.

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  • Defining of dimensional relationships where the aspect ratio. The building process for 3D microdevices. The features of creation surface energy high enough to maintain adhesion of the electroplated material until completion of the plating process.

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  • The comparison of natural modes for the first and second transverse oscillation modes obtained by numerical simulation and finite element package of analytical calculation of the core model. The analysis waveforms for different values of the defect.

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  • Classification level of development of new technologies in the BSR countries using a synthetic development measure. Grouping with the help of cluster analysis. Identify the most important features that determine their development and use as a roadmap.

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  • The surfactants have been objects of studies all over the world. Development of approach to surfactants with controllable structure and properties based on the natural raw materials applicable for cosmetics production as dispersed systems stabilizers.

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