Intelligent technologies in the process of business units behavior modelling

Discusses the possibility of modelling individual factors determining inflation, using intelligent technology based on decision tree and matrix convolution. Constructed of the simplified model of the "manufacturers demand to profitability level".

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  • Consideration of mathematical modeling of the immune system in the process of disease with the immunodeficiency virus without treatment. Investigation of the dynamics of infection. Evaluation of the rate of reproduction of the virus in the blood.

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  • Data Analysis and Model-Building Basics, making Predictions by Using Regression. Comparing Many Means with ANOVA. Building Strong Connections with Chi-Square Tests, rebels without a Distribution. Ten Errors in Statistical Conclusions, Practice Problems.

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  • Характеристика требований к информационной системе. Разработка стратегической карты. Изучение основ создания систем менеджмента качества. Характеристика методики создания подсистемы СМК организации учебного процесса в среде пакета Business Studio.

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  • The method of linear programming (simplex method) as the method of systematic improvement and quality management, in particular the formation of grinding compounds, and the use of the resulting models to predict, control and optimize the process.

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  • Основы использования формально-логических методов математического моделирования теплообменных объектов в технологических установках. Описание этапов выполнения технических вычислений с помощью компьютерного языка программирования Matrix Laboratory.

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  • The development of understanding the least squares and related statistical methods without becoming excessively mathematical. The review of key concepts in simple linear regression, matrix operations, and multiple regression. Geometric interpretations.

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  • Разработка методики оптимизации управления инвестициями в рамках планового баланса предприятия на базе экономико-математического моделирования. Способы расчета экономических показателей для мероприятий разного типа. Инструментальная система "Decision".

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  • The main principles of public procurement law in Russia. All categories of goods and services. Review strong restrictions that regulate behavior of national customers. Modern problems by the participants of the public procurement system in the country.

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  • The review method is intended to determine the properties of steel materials. Modeling neural networks to clarify the characteristics of metals. Determination of the values of the properties of steels. Structure of expert system of assessment materials.

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  • Study of algorithms of processing of nonlinear signal. The definition of the Gaussian model of normal random variables. The distribution of order statistics. The absolute value of the deviation of the weighted median. A balanced set of calculations.

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