Intelligent technologies in the process of business units behavior modelling

Discusses the possibility of modelling individual factors determining inflation, using intelligent technology based on decision tree and matrix convolution. Constructed of the simplified model of the "manufacturers demand to profitability level".

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  • The models for calculating the number of buses of different types depending on the variable passenger time and a specified interval of vehicles. The analysis of the influence of the speed of vehicles on the total costs of motor transport enterprises.

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  • The analysis of modern approaches to forecasting of innovative development. The building of the predictive models in economic systems. The use of methodology of overcoming of temporal gap for calculating the extremum points of cycles of reproduction.

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  • The theoretical foundations and applied problems of forecasting of man-made damage to the national economy and methods of management at the state level. Summary of theoretical principles of application of fuzzy sets as an effective mathematical tool.

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  • Discuss a number of procedures that are designed for testing the specification of econometric models, concerned with the numerical properties of these OLS estimates and refer to certain properties of estimates as "numerical" if they have nothing to do.

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  • The general mathematical model for probabilities of the infocommunication system states. Interrelation of dependencies of traditional parameters of system reliability with traditional parameters of queuing methods. The differential equation systems.

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  • A method for obtaining nonlinear dependencies of type, which based on the use of the function of linearizing the numerical dependencies of spreadsheets. Approximation for the conversion degree of a chemical reaction as a function of 2-3 parameters.

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  • Identification of substantial changes in autocorrelation of BRICs’ stock markets index returns after experiencing these failures of financial systems in Russia, Brazil and Chinese. Testing for structural breaks in an ARMA-GARCH-model on the crisis dates.

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  • European options on several assets. The Black-Scholes-Merton model. Numerical method. Sparse grid combination technique. Applying the method to the option pricing problem. Solving the transformed equation. Monte Carlo simulations. Bermudan styles.

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  • Protocols for Rational Secret Sharing. Rational secret sharing, in the model of Halpern and Teague. Removing the Dealer. A protocol for completely fair secure function evaluation, in which all players receive output. General Secure Function Evaluation.

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  • Investigation of the perception of residents’ on willingness to pay for water supply in the study area with the use of regression analysis. The determination of the key factors influencing residents’ willingness to pay for water supply in Nigeria.

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