Didactics and methodology

The formation of professional competence. Educational aspects of preparation. The history of pedagogical education. The professional preparation in the context of eurointegration. The content of education in primary schools of Soviet Ukraine in 1958–1991.

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  • Types of British state and private schools. Universities and colleges in Great Britain. General pattern of education in the USA. Elementary, high schools and institutions of higher learning. Private and state colleges. Educational system in Ukraine.

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  • Assessment as an important process of studying various aspects of educational success. Consideration of advanced training courses in pedagogical education. Features of the development of the training module based on the results of the regional assessment.

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  • Determining the current state of media education in Ukraine. Analys the current tendencies of media integration into educational process. Pedagogical and practical challenges of video games' application. The gameplay for foreign language education.

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  • The revealng the genesis of gifted education in Ukraine in the XX - at the beginning of the XXI century. The stages of gifted education. The study of foreign experience and implementation of its positive conceptual ideas in practice of the native schools.

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  • The role of church cells in the process of spreading music education in Central Ukraine. The activity of church and church-parochial choral groups of Cherkasy region. Study the activities of professional folk choirs of different regions of Ukraine.

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  • Examines the introduction of teaching methods into the educational process, among which the leading role is given by the educational material that allows students to form knowledge. Research of the teaching materials, as a pedagogical technique.

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  • Public schools: the education is of a high quality; the discipline is very strict. British university courses, the cost of education. Pre-school and primary education, its features and characteristics. Social, Cultural and Sporting Life at School.

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  • Development of cooperation between McEwen University and Ternopil National Medical University. Gorbachev Health Ministry of Ukraine within the framework of the implementation of the health program. Nursing education and their professional practice.

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  • The role of educational institutions in providing professional knowledge, in the transfer of models of social experience. The activities of the Mariupol State University as an example higher education institutions that influence the civil society.

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  • The peculiarities and main ways of development of education in the world and in particular in Finland. The primary directions of improvement of the education system in different countries. Analysis of main educational tendencies and their features.

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