Creatures of the night

The most horrible monsters and evil creatures of Celtic mythology. Bloody-Bones is a bugaboo from the childish rhyme. The legend about dreadful vampire the Dearg-Due. Monster the Banshee is a Celtic female spirit foretelling coming death in a family.

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  • The combination of traditional religious faith, faith in science and faith in magic in the minds of modern people. The peculiarity of the emergence of primitive man of new cognitive abilities and deep experience of the fact of the death of a relative.

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  • Review the history of the myth of Pygmalion. The illusion of independence in mythology. Image the hero in the mythological consciousness of the reader. Empathy Pygmalion and its recovery in the postmodern. Self-deception and reality of modern times.

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  • A complex of magical actions and preventive measures that the dwellers used to protect him. Place under the threshold of the hut - the locus of the presence of demonological characters in the mythological aspect of the sphere of ceremonial rites.

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  • The unicorn as a legendary animal. The historical origins of legends about him. Unicorns in antiquity, in Middle Ages and Renaissance. Traditional method of hunting. The famous late Gothic series of seven tapestry of the Unicorn. Image on the heraldry.

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  • Illumination by transcendence: in search of god and oneself. Protestant sects and the spirit of capitalism. New religious associations of Russia of destructive and occult character. Religious reformation in Europe. Development of society as a system.

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  • The descent of the Holy Spirit upon Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ. Pentecost is part of the Moveable Cycle of the ecclesiastical year. In the Orthodox Tradition, the liturgical color used at Pentecost is green, and faithful carry flowers.

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  • The Influence of Greek Science to Western Science. The assimilation of Greek philosophy, science in the West under the right historical spirit. The Greek idea of the Polis, which remains first, as the supreme form of human living according to Aristotle.

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  • Features of judaism and the Jewish People. The Jewish Diaspora and Israel. The First Crusade. Anti-Jewish Myths: desecrating the Host and committing ritual murder. Patterns of Discrimination. "Usury". The Jewish Community. Expulsions and the Black Death.

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  • Role of religion in modern and democratic societies, for the individual and for society as a whole. Influences of religion on governmental, business and family values and decisions in United Kingdom. Christianity and non-christian religions in Britain.

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