On some aspect of legal regulation students traveling abroad in the Republic of Belarus

Legislative regulation of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus. Theoretical analysis of the concept of "freedom" in modern legal science. Contradictions between the norms of law and review orders. The direction of the Belarusian citizens.

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  • Legal protection of competition as the main element of the market-type economic system in the CIS countries. Creature of the legislative pale for the shield of rivalry as the most effective term of the law mechanism at the domestic and interstate levels.

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  • The role of transnational companies in the global market and the way to influence the policies of developing countries. Study the need for social regulation and corporate responsibility. Analysis of the legal nature of corporative societal liability.

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  • Analysis of the problems of legal regulation of piracy. Investigation of the state of robbery in the law of the sea. Finding ways to effectively respond to the growing renaissance of illegal activities at sea. Conducting acts of armed burglary of ships.

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  • The study of socially significant qualities inherent in the profession of the teacher, from the point of view of the leadership of educational institutions, students and schoolchildren. The main characteristic of the concept of social competence.

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  • Short histories on different themes: Belarus (Health care in Belarus, Education in Belarus), Great Britain (A day trip to London, British theatre and its theatrical traditions, System of education in the UK), my home (My family, The house of my dreams).

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  • The practical significance of joint ownership in the division of marital property. Ensuring the rule of law through the mechanism of legal regulation in general. Characteristics of components of the legal regime of the proprietorship of the couple.

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  • Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the living in the city and in the country. Characteristic particular qualities of the Grodno (stadiums, institutions, colleges, palaces of culture, houses-museum), as a regional center in Belarus.

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  • Characteristics of the difference between the categories of "joint property" and "joint ownership". Study of its practical significance in dividing the property of the spouses. Enforcement of law and order through the mechanism of legal regulation.

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  • Etymological analysis of English legal terminology. The analysis helps to highlight the process of the law terminology development and its functioning in different historical stages. The examples borrowing of legal terms and their language origin.

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  • Questions related to the implementation of the argumentative reference structure of the elementary sentence in the texts of business legal discourse. An analysis of mental schemes for which the participants of legal communication rescue their intentions.

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