De-globalization: is the world flat or not

Today, most political and economic analysts claim that the world got "flatter" and more globalized, but few can agree on how and why it has happened. In fact, the integration of production and technologies indeed are the measurements of globalization.

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  • Специфика вербальной актуализации концепта "MUSLIM WORLD" в современном англоязычном дискурсе. Средства номинативного, дескриптивного и экспрессивного воплощения концепта "MUSLIM WORLD". Когнитивно-дискурсивный анализ содержания и структуры концепта.

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  • The development of world environmental regulation mechanisms is being studied. The state of introduction of modern resource-saving and non-waste technologies is shown, the place of strengthening mechanisms of economic cooperation of states is determined.

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  • The essence of European economic integration. The consequences of economic integration in trade, the consequences of Market integration of the European Union and its impact on foreign trade. Threats, challenges in the last stage of economic integration.

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  • The role of the United States of America in the global economy. Characteristics of the gross domestic product. The World Food Programme in southern Africa. Securing funding for emergency relief in Central America, the Sudan and other parts of the world.

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  • The essence of economic integration and its main stages is revealed. The evolution of integrative forms is investigated. The role of the customs union as a prerequisite for the further development of integration in the long term is substantiated.

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  • The arc of political instability plays the role of transport corridors to carry conflict and political tension from one point of geographical space to another. The markers, that are used to consolidate these boundaries in the minds of the population.

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  • Economic integration of Ukraine in the EU. The prospects and drawbacks in the economic areas of the DCFTA implementation. Trade relations between Ukraine and the EU. The necessity of developing a long-term strategy for Ukraine’s economic development.

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  • The issue of entering the World Trade Organization is high on Ukraine’s agenda. Possible Consequences of Joining the WTO. The Likely Consequences of Joining the WTO for Ukraine’s Economic Sectors. Customs audits of business entities in the WTO accession.

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  • The role and importance of globalization in the development of small and medium enterprises. Characteristics, specifics of the internationalization of small and medium enterprises. A description of the types of stereotyped models of internationalization.

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  • Features innovative development of the world economy. Formation of transfer models and commercialization of products intellectual property. Analysis of conditions of the transfer process and the commercialization of scientific and technical developments.

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