De-globalization: is the world flat or not

Today, most political and economic analysts claim that the world got "flatter" and more globalized, but few can agree on how and why it has happened. In fact, the integration of production and technologies indeed are the measurements of globalization.

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  • Study of theoretical and practical questions of the impact of economic phenomena of transnational corporations on the world economy in the emerging global market. Analysis of the actions of transnational corporations, the results of their activities.

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  • SWIFT (Society for World-Wide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) – международная организация в сфере финансовых телекоммуникаций. Современные тенденции в инновационном развитии компании. Прибыльность создания австралийской платежной платформы.

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  • The importance of exports of goods and services production with a high part of added value and without it. Working of the recommendations on the realization of economic knowledge and tools to support exporters that exist in other European countries.

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  • Interpretation of the concept of "financial instability" and the factors leading to the occurrence of such a phenomenon. A comprehensive study of the relationship between financial instability and the global crisis, the determinants of their combination.

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  • Benelux is а political, economic and customs Union of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The history of its formation and development, current trends and prospects of further expansion. Rights and obligations of members. Signing the contract.

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  • Analysis of new geopolitical situation is in the world that appears as a result of Russian intervention to Ukraine. Analysis of new geopolitical situation is in the world that appears as a result of Russian intervention to Ukraine, role of the USA.

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  • The place of Ukraine in the system of world innovation processes. The general economic and regional conditions of forming of cluster systems. The mechanism of forming of scientific parks as the the mechanism of development of innovation processes.

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  • Investigation of the structure of the world market and its comparison with the structure of the domestic market. Assessment of benefits of international trade. The role of the WTO in the global economy. Foreign trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • Geographical location, demographic characteristics and political system of Turkmenistan. Availability of minerals and main directions of foreign policy of Turkmenistan. Prospects for economic development and the structure of export-import operations.

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  • Public finance policy issues during the political economic transition from planned socialist economics to free market democratic capitalism. Problems of Transitional Monetary Policy and the Financial Sector. Intergovernmental Financial Relations.

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