De-globalization: is the world flat or not

Today, most political and economic analysts claim that the world got "flatter" and more globalized, but few can agree on how and why it has happened. In fact, the integration of production and technologies indeed are the measurements of globalization.

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  • The concept of international economic sanctions. The historical practice of international economic sanctions. Effective criteria for application in practice. Areas, stages and effects of international economic sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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  • Всеми́рная организа́ция интеллектуа́льной со́бственности, ВОИС (World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO): представительность, история, сфера деятельности (функции, программная и образовательная деятельность, споры по доменным им

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  • The key problems of political and legal settlement of the international information space. Combination of methodology for determination and the interests of the players interacting on the site of the UN. The complex problems of political, legal nature.

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  • Distinguishing and describing of "cold war" stereotypes that affected the development of American-Ukrainian relationships. Traditional ideas of American political circles during "cold war". Specifics of political strategy of American President G. Bush.

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  • Сommercialization of innovative scientific developments, innovative products using and actively promoting to the market should become one of main conditions for competitiveness of Ukrainian enterprises improving in the processes of European integration.

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  • Based on selected papers kindly provided by the European Central Bank. Developments in the Financial Sector in Europe following the Introduction of the Euro. Economic and Monetary Union in Europe - the challenges ahead. Euro and European integration.

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  • The inherent conflict between Economics and Security. From Neorealist security theory to the Copenhagen school. Implementation of Import Substitution Industrialisation in Russia: the Political Element and the benefits of increased domestic manufacturing.

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  • A multinational corporation as an enterprise that engages in foreign direct investment and owns or controls value adding activities in more than one country. ExxonMobil as successfully ranked the world's largest refiner and marketer of petroleum.

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  • The aftermath of the food crisis for the world community. Analysis of the productivity of agriculture. Studying the dynamics of prices for products for 1998-2011. The construction of the forecast trend. The causes of the imbalance of supply and demand.

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  • The development peculiarities of Ukrainian-Israeli relations in the context of Ukrainian geo-economic priorities. Economic process in countries and the specifics of development of bilateral relations under the Influence of Global transformations.

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