Review Essay: The subject and the social in medicine: an appreciation of Michel Foucault

A model of social development in "The Division of Labour in Society". The link between posture and illness. Experience of the pain in childbirth. Power and the social. A radical challenge to much of the traditional sociology of health and illness.

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  • The analysis on the influence of the Internet on social development and psychological health. The reasons and effects of the Internet abuse. The functions of Internet resources and their impact on human societies. Challenge "live a week without Facebook".

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  • Symbolic power in social space. Structuralism is social world itself and not only within symbolic systems, objective structures independent of the consciousness. A twofold social genesis the schemes of perception and social structures (social classes).

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  • The essence of the processes of identification, identity, and their connecting link – identity. The contents of inter subjective environment as a special type of social reality, its contradictory character. Vectors of the identity of the social subject.

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  • This article provides an overview on the relations between democracy and social power. Theoretical ideas about power, social power and social capital will be combined with empirical findings in Southeast Asia and a discussion about democracy indexes.

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  • The concept, factors, methods of rating assessment of social development. The study of the principles of state regulation. Improving social sustainability of the economic sphere. Determining the structure of the social package and collective agreements.

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  • Social totality and the individual. Power and ideology: the of "media imperialism". Empirical realities. Critical social theory, critical media and social transformation. In assessing the claims which been advanced with respect to television’s power.

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  • Theoretical foundations, structure and functions of the system of social institutions. Legal regulation of the market. Establishment and maintenance of political power, trade unions and associations. Identification of attitudes and behaviors in society.

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  • Education as an interaction whose goal is to change people and society. Social work focused on help and support of a man. The essence of education or the learning. Public work as a form of state social assistance. Support for individuals and families.

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  • The role of the state in the process of the social development of the society. Fundamentals to the social policy of the state, through which the state can really get into the level of social cohesion. Fundamentals of real-life social policy of the state.

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  • The similarity and differences between the intellectual approaches to understanding society taken by manuscripts Michel Foucault and Norbert Elias. Key modifications in Foucault's treatment of history, power, and knowledge in his early and later works.

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