Making investment decisions with the net present value rule

Equivalent annual costs - the cost per period with the same present value as the cost of buying and operating a machine. Project interaction. An optimal timing and fluctuating load factors. The role of investment decisions with the net present value rule.

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  • The concept of the corporate governance. The difference between financial and non-financial firms. The corporate governance in microfinance organizations: methodology, description of variables and making hypotheses, modeling, explanation of results.

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  • Necessity of developing a new innovation policy in Ukraine taking into account the experience of developed countries and using the existing scientific and production capacity. The main forms and sources of innovation projects' investments are analyzed.

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  • Описание бизнес-идеи, ее реализация. Принципы разработки инвестиционного и операционного плана: прямые издержки, затраты на персонал, общие расходы. Финансирование и результаты проекта, анализ его чувствительности и безубыточности, метод Монте-Карло.

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  • Studies of personal remittances sent to Ukraine from abroad in the period from 1996 to 2016, according to the World Bank. The importance of remittances for families of Ukrainian labor migrants and for the state. Funds received from banking institutions.

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  • Понятия и задачи инвестиционного анализа, основные оценочные критерии. Отражение мирового и российского опыта инвестиционного анализа в системах Project Expert и COMFAR. Анализ состояния инвестиционного климата в России, направления его улучшения.

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  • Ukranian experience in conducting a tax audit: legal basis. Problems related to tax audit of foreign countries. Tax interaction between taxpayers, tax authorities and business entities when conducting a tax audit. Implementation of the e-audit system.

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  • Характеристика мирового опыта инвестиционного анализа. Основные оценочные критерии. Отражение мирового и российского опыта инвестиционного анализа в системах Project Expert и COMFAR. Особенности применения методов инвестиционного анализа в банках РФ.

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  • Insurance companies - the leading financial intermediaries that meet the requirements of modernity and go beyond the core business. Taking into account the features of each participant - the task of the project manager of the financial supermarket.

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  • Analysis of the period of company take over in terms of risk-return trade off. Description of the model used to analyze the volatility of stock returns. Exploration of dependence the volatility of stock return on the type of the acquiring company.

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  • Мировой опыт инвестиционного анализа, его основные понятия и задачи. Отражение мирового и российского опыта инвестиционного анализа в системах Project Expert и COMFAR. Инвестиционный климат в России. Российская специфика инвестиционного анализа.

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