Does social capital matter for economic performance in Ukraine?

The study of social capital components. Reduction of investment flows into the country. Collective action and cooperation among the social networks of agents. Reduced operating costs. Creating the prerequisites for economic growth and social welfare.

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  • Research essence of concepts "social sphere" and "social infrastructure". Аnalysis of conditions and processes of investing fixed capital into the social sphere of Ukraine is done. The qualitative criteria of the modernization efficiency are outlined.

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  • Social capital as an asset that is engendered via social relations and can be employed to facilitate action and enlarge. Characteristics of entrepreneurs and their businesses. Regression results for financial funds and profitability of businesses.

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  • The concept and business sectors. Social network and human capital as scientific research enterprise. The life cycle model, its basic structural factors contributing to the run. Development and evaluation of the project, a test for multicollinearity.

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  • The need for social innovation. The relationship between local economic development and social innovation. Development of the program of implementation of innovations of social orientation. Formation of the directions of social improvement of the region.

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  • Social and economic wellbeing constitutes wellbeing, which is a general term for mental, physical, economic and social wellness. Positive effects on social and economic wellbeing of the foreign debt. Green technologies and renewable energy concepts.

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  • The essence of the model of social protection in Kazakhstan. Features of the geographical location and the national structure of the country. The use of forecasting methods for the formation of public policy. Determination of economic development trends.

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  • The term of economic growth. Four key elements of economic growth by Simon Kuznets. Benefits from growth driven by technological change. Economic and social costs from rising inequality. Advantages, disadvantages and forecasts of economic growth.

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  • The procedure and the results of laboratory experiments and field studies of the rational choice in collective action, the intricacies of constructing a theory of evolutionary processes. The study details the impact of social norms on human behavior.

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  • The general indicator development of living standards - one of the important social and economic statistics task. The low realization level of the person's ability to live a healthy life - the most problematic human development aspect in Ukraine.

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  • The ability to cooperate in collective action problems as a key determinant of economic performance: analysis of the major problems, familiarity with the key stages of development. General characteristics of institutions for collective action, features.

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