In the 9th century, much of modern-day Ukraine was populated by the Rus' people who formed the Kievan Rus'. The Golden Age of Kievan Rus' began with the reign of Vladimir the Great (Volodymyr, 980–1015), who turned Rus' toward Byzantine Christianity.

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  • The issue of language contacts. Analyzes the interaction of Ukrainian and English languages in the economic and cultural conditions of modern Ukraine, influenced by the social situation of language behavior, based on the functional typology of languages.

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  • Characteristic history of the emergence of Christianity in the United States. Analysis of the most common Christian religions in modern America. The main activity of the Catholic Church. The peculiarity of the study of protestantism and evangelism.

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  • The comparison of British and Ukrainian political system: Ukraine is a respublic; the Britain is considered to be a parliamentary monarchy. The Ukrainian and the British Parliaments functions. The organs of goverment in Ukraine and United Kingdom of GB.

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  • Analysis of problematic issues of the spread of radicalism in the territory of modern Ukraine in the context of a counterterrorist operation in the country. Research of the directions of the state policy in the field of counteraction to this phenomenon.

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  • The concept of the financial market and studying elements included in its structure, current condition of the financial market of Ukraine and role in the country. The kinds of the financial market: currency, valuable papers and loan capitals or money.

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  • Mary in Henry VIII's reign. Mary in Edward VI reign. Mary as "the queen of nine days". Maria's struggle for a throne. History of her marriage and pregnancy. Struggle against plots, estimation of her reign by the people as period Bloody Queen Mary.

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  • The land and people of Great Britain, the Queen and the parliament. In England people have good table manners. The two main islands are Great Britain (where England, Scotland, Wales are situated) and Ireland. Washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the North.

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  • Bilingualism and the coexistence of the Ukrainian and Russian languages in Ukraine The dominance of the Anglicisms in Ukrainian discourse. Prestige of English language and fashion for foreign words. Cultural assimilation of the population of Ukraine.

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  • The reign of Anglo-Saxon Kings. The role of Normans in the history of the Monarchy. The reforms of Angevins and Plantagenets. The Tudor period in the history of England. The decline in the Sovereign’s power. The Queen’s role in the modern State.

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  • Great Britain as a source of talented people. William Shakespeare is one of the largest and well-known writers. One of the greatest writers of the school of novelists - Charles Dickens. Charlotte Bronte - English writer, wrote the novel "Jane Eyre".

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