Compliment as the part of speech acts

Speech act as the minimal functional unit in human communication, and analysis functions. Consideration of the basic problems of speech acts and compliments. The essence of the notion "speech act". Familiarity with the history of the study of compliment.

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  • The theory of speech acts is partly taxonomic and partly explanatory. It must systematically classify types of speech acts and the ways in which they can succeed or fail. It must reckon with the fact that the relationship between the words being used.

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  • Identifying the premises for the use of indirect speech acts in different versions of the English language. The import of culture in the communication process, including the idea of cultural and social communication tools in the context of discussion.

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  • The influence of the emotional state of communicants on their ability to realize statements. Prosodic and acoustic indicators of insincerity in speech. Analysis of real acts of communication. The realization of the statements - a factor of insincerity.

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  • Study of basic parts of speech of the natural English language: name, determination, continuation of determinations. Opening of maintenance of type of kinds and nouns of verb. A presence of verb is in every suggestion. Pronoun as special part of speech.

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  • Speach act theory and pragmatics. Explicit and implicit performatives. The term of felicity conditions. Conditions of execution, preparatory and sincerity conditions. Types of the speech acts. The locutionary, illocutionary and perlocutionary acts.

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  • Procedures for analyze the structure and function of the compliment as a speech act. The function of the compliment is to establish and maintain solidarity between the speaker and addressee. Function of the compliment in Bulgarian and English language.

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  • Communicative acts of speech in a concrete speech situation. Deixis - a linguistic notion within the domain of pragmatics. The deictic elements in literary texts and newspaper articles. Three main types of deixis: personal, temporal and spatial.

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  • Сommunicative intention achieved by a persuasive communicative action. Types speech acts realised in the Steve Jobs felicitation address. Тypes of verbs that indicate speech acts. Direct and indirect illocutionary acts in the forms of assertives.

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  • Analysis of the problem of automatic speech choice made by the sender as usual, without prior deliberation. Automatic speech manifestations of the author as speech behavior, which can be active, inactive. Reflections in their attitudes and expectations.

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  • An analysis of the empirical metaphysics of political speech on terrorism. Empirical metafunktsiya within the framework of system functional linguistics. Analysis of the transience of the text. Identification of commonly used types of processes in speech.

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