Radio Frequency Transistors

Familiarization with the concept of field-effect transistors. Laying out circuit boards and mounting RF devices. Classes of operation, forms of modulation, biasing, and operating in a pulse mode. The basic factors affecting low power amplifier design.

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  • A direct digital frequency synthesizer in modern electronic devices. Criteria of reliability the communication systems. The most promising radio transmission system. Brief introduction of arithmetic operations in digital synthesizer radio signals.

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  • Classification, general parameters and composition of REE. Distance Measurement Equipment. Radio Altimeters. Doppler Systems. Direction Finders. Radio Beacon Landing Systems. Design and Operation Principles of A/C Communication. Equipment Layout of REE.

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  • Characteristics of different technologies, printed electronics, focused on the needs of the optimal circuit applications. Development of new materials and processes for use of the opportunities that exist at the intersection of Economics and engineering.

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  • Технология Radio Frequency Identification - бесконтактная идентификация с помощью радиочастоты. Техника автоматической идентификации на основе сохранения и приема сигналов от удаленного предмета с использованием смарт-карт. Система распознавания лиц.

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  • Discusses the main characteristics of reliability of radio electronic devices, methods of their calculation. Proposed mathematical models for the determination of parameters of thermal fields and recieved an analytical solution for the calculation.

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  • The concept and basics functional features of the electronic control systems, their internal structure and the relationship between elements. Of the practical application of these devices. The terminal characteristics of electronic control devices.

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  • Особенности использования RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) технологий при управлении работой автомобильного транспорта. Состав RFID-системы. Анализ области применения RFID-технологий при управлении автомобильным транспортом на грузовом терминале.

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  • Current-voltage characteristics of semiconductor ultrahigh frequency diode. The detection of an electromagnetic field and measurement of its density. The equivalent scheme of the ultrahigh frequency semiconductor diode. Microwave diode, linear regression.

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  • A basic overview of the theory of planar antenna near-field measurements. Determination of far-field pattern from a near-field measurement. Advantages of this technique compared to far-field antenna measurement. Brief history of near-field scanning.

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  • Getting to know the causes and characteristics of the invention of radio. Improved maintenance of mobile phones as the first trade and the available radio and telephone system. General characteristics of the best-known wireless telecommunications.

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