Management decision as a component of effective organization management

Modern methods of management decision. Adaptation of classical theories to pharmaceutical management. The requirements for effective management decision. Uncertainty as causes risk in the organization activity. The algoritm for management decision.

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  • Search of diversities of creation of management teams in Ukraine at the present stage of information society for the decision of the set tasks. Improving the work of the organization through the method of problem solving with the help of "team thinking".

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  • Characteristics of the main indicators of an assessment of risk. The place and role of these indicators in the management and organization of innovative projects. Effective determination of the level of risk associated with the activities of enterprises.

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  • The telecommunication sector risk profile are identified based on qualitative and quantitative risk management. Prospective for using Bayesian technologies at continuous risk management are determined. Experience of telecom companies in risk management.

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  • Development of the scientific thought in the field of management of organizations from its origin till present time. Development of scientific thought in the field of management, basic approaches and schools of management, management of organizations.

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  • Strategic decision making process. Problems of designing operations. A management area that specializes in the physical production of goods or services and uses quantitative methods to solve production problems. The Operations Management System.

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  • Study of the peculiarities of organizational ethics as part of management decisions. The nature of supply chain management: relationships between intermediaries and logistics operations, marketing functional areas. Ethical frameworks of decision making.

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  • Methodological aspects of management accounting aimed at taxation optimization and effective management of tax liabilities of the organization. The principles of data harmonization of the bookkeeping and fiscal accounting for the purpose of control.

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  • Integration of the global and business environment. Corporate social responsibility at the modern enterprise. Making profit as the main goal of the company. The internal environment of the organization, its influence on the management decisions.

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  • Conditions of success in implementing changes in the organization. Reasons for resistance to changes in domestic enterprises and methods. The method of "Alps" principles Paretto and Eisenhower. The possibility of involvement in decision-making in Ukraine.

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  • Increase the efficiency of enterprises through the development and decision-making based on the generation and implementation of creative ideas. Improving the efficiency of management personnel by enhancing the creative activity in OJSC Ukrtelecom.

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