Walter Benjamin`s Philosophy of History

Benjamin`s alliance between historical materialism and theology. The historical materialism in terms of revolutionary expectations for the future. The progress of the revolution by Marx required the creation of a powerful, united counter-revolution.

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  • The massive development of the means of communication, the everyday escapes. The everyday as our move to make it participate in the diverse figures of the true, in the great historical transformations, in the becoming of what occurs either below.

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  • Aristotle's understanding of the ethical principles of life in "The Nicomachean Ethics". The interpretation of the ancient monument of an eudemonism terms of modern philosophy. The use of theses thinker to morality and the development of modern society.

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  • "Deconstruction" of philosophy in Hellenism. Displaying ofalienation in Cynicism. Alienation in society. Ways of "deconstruction" of philosophy nowadays. Displaying ofalienation in postmodern. Alienation in society. Postmodern in the mirror of Cynicism.

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  • The presence of sober economic calculation, appeal to the heavenly ideal - the main features of the philosophical views of puritans. Socio-cultural background of the idea of religious-Messianic god-chosen protestant congregations of the New England.

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  • The article formulates questions of social and philosophical law, the ideas of the rule of law, the just monarch, the law of justice, law. Questions that may arise in the philosophy of the Middle Ages, as well as thinkers of the seventeenth century.

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  • Philosophy of Wolf - philosopher, representative of rationalism and popularizer of systematists ideas of Leibniz. Ontology as the science of the first ground of things and of human knowledge. Consideration in the ontology concept of being and knowing.

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  • A study of how useful Whitehead's worldview can be. The power of the postmodern mixture of philosophy that he releases through analysis of the connection between industrialism and war. Practical commitment: conservative, Victorian, imperialist.

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  • Задачи обращения к философскому дискурсу в произведении "History of western philosophy" Б. Рассела. Типы метафорических значений и методы идентификации метафоры в философском дискурсе. Методика питиступенчатой идентификации метафоры по Г. Стейну.

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  • Overview of the concepts of social justice. Nature, essence, content of social justice, a specific historical and cultural manifestation. Correlation of socio-philosophical doctrines. Interrelation of social reality with the development of society.

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  • A critical study of Midwest Studies in Philosophy. The unfortunate legacies of positivism. Blackburn discusses four "intellectual practices". Understanding and truth conditions. Dretske offers a theory of intentionality for those propositional accjcudes.

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