Intelligent millimetre-wave system for medical diagnostics

Results of the research work on development of intelligent millimeter-wave system for medical diagnostics.Control subsystem operates managing over scanning and measuring process by control and test signals for measurer switching, start and stop scanning.

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  • Analysis of physical status classification at the American Society of Anesthesiologists. Development of an alternative classification system for risk assessment. Innovative principles of the assessment of medical complications, dental modifications.

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  • Leading technologies of quantum medicine: millimeter, microwave resonance and information-wave therapy. Mastering the millimeter range of wavelengths has led to apperence of different types devices and their usage in many fields of science and technology.

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  • The impact of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme on medical service utilization in rural China using an econometric accounting for selection and cen-soring problems in data. The results show the increases the number of outpatient visits per capita.

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