Chief Executive Officer Overconfidence and Firm’s Investment Decisions: Evidence from Russia

Previous research on relationship between Chief Executive Officer overconfidence and investments decisions. Recent empirical findings. Variables and Chief Executive Officer overconfidence index construction. Board’s role in investment decision-making.

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  • Stochastic properties of turkish real interest rate, that plays a central role in the decision-making of households, firms and government, has also some important implications on the basic assumptions of a number of financial and macroeconomic models.

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  • Model study in the form of a global game, in which tax compliance depends on two groups of variables. The value of the government authorities to ensure compliance with the tax control. The probability of compliance, resulting in a decision model.

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  • The budget process is the way an organization building its budget. Difference from profit making. Budget planning zero-based vs incremental budgeting. Steps in making a budget for a nonprofit organization. Line item budgets and capital budgets.

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  • The concept of the corporate governance. The difference between financial and non-financial firms. The corporate governance in microfinance organizations: methodology, description of variables and making hypotheses, modeling, explanation of results.

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  • The study and evaluation of the expanded net present value (ENPV) depending on available funding sources using techniques of real options, which is a synthesis of game theory and options. Valuation of management decisions, strategy and flexibility.

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  • Substantiation of necessity of financial analysis, on the example of a commercial firm. The role of analysis for raising capital in the company. Development of recommendations to improve the external and internal financing and increase your profits.

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  • The yen as the most traded currency in the foreign exchange market. The dependence of the stability of the yen from capital investment and the fixed value of the yen relative to the U.S. dollar. Japanese government intervention in the currency market.

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  • Recourse to the private sector capital to complete public investment projects for which there were insufficient funds in the public budget. Numerous benefits private sector (technical expertise, risk transfer, costs reduction and time for implementation).

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  • A study of investment strategies volatility. The advantages of trading options in the stock market. The concept, nature and characteristics strategies options Straddle, creating a positive return without any cost for transactions using this strategy.

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  • The study of relationship between intellectual capital and fiancical performcance of firms listed in Tehran stock Exchage. Determinants of intellectual capital reporting evidence from annual of listed companies. Intellectual capital disclosure trends.

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